Take Time

Hello friends and foes, one and all! First and foremost, PBH has seen some major revisions and tweaks recently that we hope will upgrade and facilitate the enjoyment of using this site. We have added some new regular contributors including Expo with Alec, Lucian, Eric, Jesse, and Kit still contributing regularly. Sexy and Disgraceful has also been fine tuned for everyone’s pleasure as well.

Secondly, as we grow larger, PBH continues to look for new contributors for our site. We are particularly interested in someone fluent in international relations or blog ‘punditry’, but honestly, anyone can sign up. Literally, anyone can sign up, and we encourage you to do so.

Thirdly, we appreciate the comments and feedback. Comments no long require email addresses (though we’d never spam you to begin with) and we have tried to facilitate commenting in general. Commenting not only promotes discussion but encourages the writers for PBH — if we are stimulating your cortex or making you laugh enough that we induce your involvement, we’re doing our jobs!

Anyway, from all of us at PBH, thanks for checking out our site. We’ll continue to update and upgrade, and we look forward to continued patronage.


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