Hurry up and kill yourself! For +10 EMO Points!


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  1. fuck life says:

    ok i agree with sunny on this one totally. Emo is NOT a cult, WTF i cant believe people actually think that, and about the guy who hates emos, for your information i am not anywhere near rich, i live in a cramped house in a small town of eight hundred, i dont even have a dollar to spare, raised my two little sisters and one little brother and I still work 4 or 5 jobs a summer to pay for daycare and food while I go to school in the winter and still manage to keep grades and the first time I was ever fucked was at the age of 4 by someone I have to see every day of my fucking life so this whole thing about emos, or cutters or suicidal people not knowing what real pain is bullshit, my parents are alchohalics, dont give a shit about me and like the give me scars because, OMG I dont want to finish my dinner!!!!!, so fuck you asshole and dont ever prentend to know a person k. I also think, being emo is not cool, it is not something that should be a popularity contest or that you should go do these test things, I dont get these sights on how to be emo. I think they are fucked personally and retarded, i understand that maybe somepeople like to laugh at thier situation sometimes by making it seem like they are doing it for fun or something but really many people dont have a good excuse and they are just fucked up. Emo shouldnt be a life style, it shouldnt be something to be proud about, or to show off. It is not cool or fun to be a cutter. I agree there is an insane rush and high from a good cutting session but when you arent in the moment you shouldnt show it off with pride. If you are a cutter or someone who dressess in black cloths or something that may be emo it should be because you actually are depressed, and i am not saying be depressed by al means dont be, it sucks ass, but if you are then you know what i am talking about if you arent then you obviously have something wrong with you because doing something like that(even if it is a form of expression) is not good for you, and certaintly not cool or funny. Hate me if you want, laugh at me if you want or simply just ignore me but i am not bullshitting you. I know what it is like to really be off the deep end at only 15 years old and some of you guys need learn. If you are truely emotional and have issues controlling those issues and things then that is different but if you take this as a joke or something stupid or cool you are dead wrong. dead wrong. dead….wrong.

  2. alec says:

    38 points is good, but not good enough. fuck life has like a trillion points and he’s just starting…

  3. fuck life says:

    i am a she…and who cares about points, yes i have points and i have attemted and almost succeeded each time suicide, except stupid doctors keep saving me over thirteen times, so yeah i guess i do got points.

  4. sigh says:

    the is nothing “cool” about being a emo ppl will laugh at you.. stupid report

  5. nOthiNG suCh a sHorT bReAth oF wEed says:

    eMo..eMo..ppl shOulD tHinK oF iT aS sTylE nOt fAShioN
    cUttIng uR boDy bY eVErywHeRE iS thE wAii u dO aFtEr nOt sTill uNdrStandIng wHaTz tHiz liFe 4? thEn tHink uRsElvZ tHat eMo sTylE iZ: pAinT, pAin aNd ….bEcOmEz a fAsHiOn.. uSt nUt gUiiZ n GiRlz.. uSt POSERS!! cuT thEMsElvZ.. eMo mEaNz eMoTiOnAl..By thEsE dOEsnT mEan tO fEel tHe uSelEss cRap iN thiZ wOrlD.. iM uSt a pErZon..i mAkE mIStAkEz.. i AM EMO!! i liKe muSIc anD styLe iZ coOl bUt i liVe iN a nOn-pOsEr-sTyle..wEll aT thE eNd i DunT cAre wHAt eVerYonE do aNd wHat tHey dOnT.. well mayBe i dUnt fEeL anYthiNG cUZ i dUnt hAve hEaRt.. i cAnT feeL pAin cuZ iM eMpTy.. guiiZ bE uRsElVz iS all tHAt u CAN dOo!
    am.. Well uSt dOnt bE cRazY..tHAtz all

    then.. nOtHing..

    ***cUtEpRinCess sMokiNg wEeD oN thE pReZIdEnTz cHAir//?

  6. Jak says:

    wow. YOU ARE ALL GAY!!!!!!!!
    Holy shit who gives a flying FUCK about if your emo or not. And i can’t beleive that just about everyone on this page commented to argue about emo shit. If your emo good for you, if you aren’t even better for you. I’m 15, and a hurricane katrina victim, i can’t go anywhere without someone making a fucking comment about me being “emo” and it’s becuase of stupid fucking stereotypes that dumbasses put out and pass on to others.
    I saw this pick on google images looking for gnomes, and i thought it was funny, but now i see it was not worthy being insulted, angered and depressed by Posers, haters, and the other bullshit on this page. I can’t beleive i’m even wasting MY time leaving this comment b/a i kno none of you dumb shitts are gonna read it, nor am i going to come back to this page. If you’re a poser FUCK YOU, YOU are the reason why everyone thinks that the kid from new orleans in their class is emo. If you hate emos, FUCK YOU, you are the reason like people like me and all other people who are labeled “emo” (not people who chose the label, people who are burned with the word by their fellow peers) think that we don’t belong with everyone else, and thats becuase you drive us away becuase YOU think we are less than you. SO FUCK YOU.

    If you agree with what i said,
    Or if you wish to contact me, please do so.

    HOWEVER, If you’re a hater just looking for a luagh, find somebody else, b/c if u start shit with me, and you live near me, YOU will be the hater who was remembered b/c he got his teeth knocked out by an emo.


  7. The Agro-Emo emerges before your very eyes. This never before documented species shares several traits with its Genera. Firstly, they are highly emotionally charged creatures, prone to aggressive out-lashes. In physical appearance they are similar to other branches of the Emo Family; having typical tight fitting clothing and indistinguishable sex/gender. The Agro-Emo differs in its evolutionary strategy. Instead of frequent suicide attempts (an insanely dysfunctional adaptation to stress), they direct their EXTREME emotion outward. This strategy, often ineffective as well, can be likened to the Puffer Fish of the Tetraodontidae Family.

  8. AlvinBlah says:

    I voted in my first presidential election when they were 8…why should what they say count? They’re not even a legal adult. Barf on teh em0z

  9. jakofhearts says:

    So, Jesse are you attempting to call me a “Agro-emo”?

  10. Thats right Jack. Bring your trench-coat-mafia out here. I dunno about Cali, but in Va. we take self-defense to the EXTREME!! Oh, some skater kids got your back?? NRA got my back. Something else you should know: Our courts love to try punk-ass kids as adults here. Don’t hate me, be angry at whoever cut your hair, making you look like Little Nicky

  11. jakofhearts says:

    Look fuckface, i don’t give a shit who you have backing you.
    I’ll fucken break your neck. take a few steps close to esco, and watch what happens to you. I’ll fuck up your freinds too. Fuck you and your fucken labels dick wad
    At least i had the balls to show my face. You had to link yourself to somethin eelse.

  12. Little Nicky says:

    Yo, Jesus, git off mi boy jak. He freinz wit satan!!!

  13. emoisfashion says:

    I see this is kind of an old thread….. but i agree w/ the ppl that say they dont cut… I’m emo and unfortionately i go w/ the high percentage that likes to write poetry and such… which just increases the stereotype…. but emo is a fashion choice… and a music choice.. emo music= songs you can EMOtionally relate to… it’s not a deathwish… I had never heard of those sites until i saw this article on youtube.. oh my gosh.. those poor kids in north dakota whose parents probly grounded them or whatever for expressing themselves through emo fashion… that song is simply a song making fun of emo ppl and the quizes… also making fun of emo… they should have researched more b4 worrying adults about there “emo” kids…. as i said poor kids in ND… i feel for ya

  14. AlvinBlah says:

    emo was a fashon choice in 1996. Now, it’s nothing more than a tired old marketing technique to get young kids to buy into a fad that can be identified with. It’s not a personal decision, you’re a corporate niche market, and you’ve been happily conditioned to be just that. Emo isn’t the first, and won’t be the last fashion that is co-opted like that.

    But wake the fuck up, you don’t have a niche culture, you don’t have a “life style” you have a style of dress that is sold to you, and you have a style of music that is sold to you.

    Nothing else can be claimed as emo. The sooner you face facts and accept that you’re a little bitch commodity that only exists to rip you of your money while praying on your insecurities, the sooner you can get on with having a real productive life.

    The longer you defend emo as being “just your thing so back off” the longer you embrace the fact that operant conditioning has defeated your ass.

  15. AlvinBlah says:

    if you’re really emo though? Like REALLY emo….I hear Saver’s has the minimum 3 day waiting period on used guns, and you only need to buy one bullet.

  16. fuck life says:

    Hi, I haven’t talked in awhile because i have been in an inpatient physc unit. It didn’t help though. They said try and write out ho you are feeling so i carved the words into my flesh…Everything is getting worse, I have only had two friends in my entire life and now i only have one and she isnt very good. I am alone besides my family right now and we are all living in one room. I have appoitments for all my health issues and my parents want me to prosicute my rapist but i wont say names so they havent gotten me to yet. I am not emo, I am not prep, I am not gothic, I am not a jock, I am a human just like everyone else I just have a few more problems than others..(if you havent read my other posts then you dont get how many i have and i could never even begin to write down all of my problems anyway)..I just want out but I dont want to be another statistic I need serious help but nothings working, I am trying meds but they can only block out so much, too many memories…too many mistakes, FUCKING HELL, FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK I hate myself so much and I hate life!!! Will it ever end???

  17. xxEmO.AnD.ProUDxx says:

    you know what? i hate this stupid report! theres nothing wrong with being emo!!! they just automalty assume that ALL emos are suscidal! i mean, i dont see them making stupid reports on goth people! why do people always judge us emos just by the way we dress or the way our hair is? i mean sure, my hair covers half my face, but its not like i do it so “i can only see half of the world” like that stupid guy did! im just soo mad about all of these retarted people who critize emos! you know, thoes people just need to fuck off and find some other group to mess with. nobody ever cared about emos up until now, so why are they making such a big deal about it NOW?!?!

  18. emo-chick says:

    i’m an emo kid that report is ALL shit i cut they got that shit from quiz that some board little prep made

  19. pane*in*l says:

    what the fuck =! yall emo bitchies are so fucking cray! yea so i may fucking cut my self but yall are some morthe fucking crazy ass bitcheis!

  20. deity666 says:

    you are retarded emo is a corporate way to take you money like he said.emo has always been a insult it was for punk music that was to emotional and didnt stick to the real form of punk so it was emotional hardcore.punks dont except you,goths dont except you(im not talking about the fake tripp pant wearing hott topic mall goths either)the real victorian style ones,and us black metal,death metal,heavymetal heads dont want you to be around we are sick of being called emo,when ppl think are music is say your trying to be different but you all look the his not that bad you dumb christian scum.maybe you should read you little hypocritical bookof yours.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Funniest and the most stupid thing ive seen in a while. I bet the researchers got drunk smoked some pot and thought shit we need to write something for tomorrow lets google it! I thought the whole ‘Americans dont understand irony’ thing was a urban myth.
    “Emo’s or emotional people…” because normal people aren’t equipped with such basic feelings or expressions. Although actually Gordon Brown isnt. Just remember what tracey weber said, emos are imbalanced individuals who express themselves in limited clichéd ways. because poetry music and cutting yourself only exists in the world of the emo’s. So remember kids cutting yourself is cool, so you can go to school tomorrow and tell all your impressionable friends. But if the lady in the white suit has taught you anything its that you need to be more inventive with suicide, as my friend suggests after watching this hideous report:

    “i know… ill be an inventive emo and tie some cheese wire around my neck… tie it to a long rope tied to a tree and get in an open top car and put a brick on the accelerator

    or maybe thats not depressing enough… ill do it in front of school kids… because as i just found out from the report all school kids are so impressionable they will copy anything”

    So go on kids, have fun with depression and if you cant find cheese wire you can always use piano wire. 😉

  22. Anonymous says:

    All joking aside though, jak is right though, the haters and the posers are as bad as each other. I get called emo cuz i have long hair and my relaxed face unfortunately looks glum (amusingly hereditary). Yet i doubt ive listened all the way through an emo song (leaving the semantic arguments over emo bands aside). You see its ignorance on both sides which is the problem not depression and self harm.
    Personally i don’t see the point in adopting any trend whether its punk, goth, metal, hip hop, or anything else. You cant really be yourself if you copy other people, and the only difference between emo’s is that if these clichés in this report do exist (as i have never met any), they are clearly emotionally inept. These looks don’t represent or reflect who you are. if you think that you are stupid and need to take a good look at your life and your friends.

  23. Drtynbkfrdsmvgrd says:

    ???????? ????? ?? ??? ???????? ?????? ??????????? ???? ?????? ??? ???????

  24. Drora says:

    Widely regarded as a bad move!
    Oh f**k… RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!

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