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Staggeringly Sexy

These are possibly some of the sexiest pictures to be taken. Observe:

Duplicity Duplicity

Note the experimentation in duplicity. Note: Halo surrounding my sexiness, mirrors, and the “Is your bathroom breeding Bolsheviks” poster in the background? Is this even real? Is this art? Or both? Dare I step away from the Protocals of Entangled Relationships and revert to previous pretenses of hedonism and carelessness? Either way, I feel set up for a great fall by the MAN. (upper case intentional)

Other choices:


This is 2 parts of the new EMO band. Part 3 (Jeffrey S.) was not pictured because he was actually the one taking the picture. This is assumed, NOT KNOWN. Anyway, as you can tell, we are very in tune with our emotions, to the point where no one else will acknowledge our emotions. We are on emotional overkill (note to self: new band name).




this is not what i signed up for

this is not what i signed up for. i thought things would be bigger and better. all i got was a regression. i do not want my present to my past; i am not enticed or entertained by the escapism of others to relive previous times.

i am not 16 or 17 years old. and i am not entertained by people my age that act like i did when i was 16 or 17. and i do not like being reminded of others i care about in their age of acting like i did. thats not what treason means, but thats what i think it should be. treason is betraying your feelings in the future by blowing it in the present. i guess the worst part of seriously caring about someone else is it trivializes the present and guilts the past. it is one thing to be ambushed by one’s personality, but by one’s history…

one minute moments, little fragments of memory that make you think everything can be like that forever. black out the friction and drown yourself in nostalgia. but thats the problem with missing someone. We would have, could have, and should have. You miss the moment, and you miss it forever.

you are a collaborator in your worst nightmare: your own life. welcome to the self-capitulation.



Abstract Convo (pour amusement)

Holsom J: in the words of the prophet baldwin,
“thou shalt hate to love the lovers of love, and love to hate the haters of hate.”
Holsom J: its undeniable
entr Epreneur: its a fact
entr Epreneur: and facts are not proven until found guilty
entr Epreneur: under a court of creationist theory
Holsom J: cocaine is a hell of a drug
entr Epreneur: Hold on, is that evolutionary theory, or creationist fact?
entr Epreneur: Do you have the corresponding Fox News propoganda machine to prevent me from thinking this out?
Holsom J: evolutionary
Holsom J: its a plant
entr Epreneur: A plant of sin, created in gods image
Holsom J: i went to bed this morning and woke up like 2 hours later thinking i had slept all day and was mad late for work
entr Epreneur: Distorted by the liberal media
entr Epreneur: Were you stuck?
entr Epreneur: (in time)
entr Epreneur: are you stuck in time???
entr Epreneur: Is this Jesse Drummond — past present or future?
Holsom J: i rushed over there without calling cause my phone was dead and it was a ghost town
Holsom J: letting the days go by
entr Epreneur: is this a reemergence of cultural trends suspended by post-911 anxiety?
Holsom J: you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
Holsom J: you need to ask yourself….how did i get here
Holsom J: yes i am stuck in time
Holsom J: i think its a time warp
entr Epreneur: Past – Present – Future
Holsom J: actually im probably moving backward
Holsom J: so past
entr Epreneur: so the future becomes the past?
Holsom J: but definately looking forward
entr Epreneur: I told you opposites attract
Holsom J: same as it ever was
Holsom J: once in a lifetime
entr Epreneur: You are a regurgitator!
entr Epreneur: An agitator!
entr Epreneur: A collaborator!
entr Epreneur: I believe that anyone who is not with us, should be referred to as a collaborator
entr Epreneur: Because taking part in this society is IMPLICITY COMPLYING with the norms that are destroying the very fabric of humanity
entr Epreneur: Collaborator Perry was refused life by a molitof cocktail to the head.
entr Epreneur: Catch my drift?
Holsom J: collaborator harboring regulatory labor propagators
Holsom J: we need slaves
entr Epreneur: we need ideological wage slaves
entr Epreneur: I heard GM is laying off people.
Holsom J: its part of the be green campaing
Holsom J: pink slips
Holsom J: yellow gas
entr Epreneur: Pink slips to end gay marriage
Holsom J: gays just want to be different once we give them marraige rights they’ll probably give up and try being goth
Holsom J: black slips to end gay marraige
entr Epreneur: Then we will have pink slips to end goth kids
entr Epreneur: Either way, the captains of industry do not favor paying money to their illegitimate proleteriat children
Holsom J: so we should pursue youth harvesting for project soylent green
Holsom J: opposites again
Holsom J: eating children to save earth and capitalism
Holsom J: perfect triangle
entr Epreneur: We should make an essay
entr Epreneur: with graphs
entr Epreneur: and abstract principles
Holsom J: we could make a case for just about anything
Holsom J: eating children for example
Holsom J: cause without capitalism the earth would probably stop turning
Holsom J: and people would still be savage beasts
Holsom J: not that cannibalism isnt savage…but at this point its a necessary evil
Holsom J: weve already screwed up the ecolibrium if we dont enslave massive sacrificial populations for forced “green labor” then our polluting robots will destroy us all
Holsom J: we shall compensate them with some of our corn surplus ….. yes …. peasants like corn
entr Epreneur: peasants love corn
entr Epreneur: peasants are in fact MADE of corn
entr Epreneur: little known fact: i procreated with a corn
Holsom J: that sounds kind of homo
Holsom J: all collaborators will be prosecuted
Holsom J: all collaborators will be prosecuted to the full extent of my wishes



Weekend in Review

National Gallery: Cezanne and DaDa exhibit. Will make DaDa poem — Yuppie Death March. Possible anthology of unnamed poems? (Desired outcome.)

Went and saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House. I like Mr. Wright. He not only shares my middle name as his last, but is full of hot air and pompous. Plus his house was very, very cool — not because it was so modern or mindblowing. Everything was perfectly designed, and it takes a certain intelligence to enjoy that.

Viewed Block Party. Very good. Very, very good. Ate good Thai. Not in that order. Reverse of that order. Understood? Woke up early in the Morn’s by the lessers.

Here I am, Sunday night, awaiting Monday morning. Yuppie Death March continues.



this is the moment

that i stopped loving you

(everything in its right place)


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