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Shocking Satellite Photos Of Destruction In Syria

Raging for over two years now, the Syrian civil war has claimed over 100,000 lives and torn apart cities, towns and villages throughout the country, with Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, receiving an incredible amount of devastation. Last week, Amnesty International released a video showcasing stunning before and after satellite images of Aleppo’s destruction as a result of the Assad regime’s administering of repeated ballistic missile strikes. Rebel groups have tried to capture the city from Assad but so far have met only bloody defeat. Says an Amnesty representative, “The images are a snapshot of a population under brutal siege.” Directly below is a gallery of the destruction in neighborhoods Tariq al-Bab and Ard al-Hamra, as well as an overview of the damage inflicted in Aleppo beginning in November 2012, along with a video.

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Satellite Photos Syria Damage Tariq

Tariq al-Bab before the missile attack

Satellite Photos Syria Damage Tariq 2

Tariq al-Bab after the missile attack. At least 117 people were killed.

Satellite Photos Syria Damage Ard

Ard al-Hamra before the missile attack.

Satellite Photos Syria Damage Ard 2

Ard al Hamra after the double missile attack on Februay 22, 2013.

Satellite Photos Syria Damage November

An overview of damaged areas in Aleppo as of November 2012.

Satellite Photos Syria Damage December

Aleppo damage as of December 15, 2012.

Satellite Photos Syria Damage March

Aleppo damage as of March 1, 2013.

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All images come courtesy of The Independent.



39 Photos Of Vladimir Putin Being Absolutely Ridiculous

The Russian president might very well be little more than a thug in a designer trapper’s hat, but Rusky corrupter or not, the man sure knows how to take an amazingly absurd photo. Without further ado, here are some high-quality snapshots of the world’s first viral dictator:

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Some Bonus Videos Of Putin Being Ridiculous

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30 Incredible Images From Egypt’s Anti-Morsi Protests

The blossoms of the Arab Spring sure didn’t last very long. A year after his election, Egyptians from all over have concentrated in Tahrir Square–the same place where a series of mass uprisings ousted Hosni Mubarak from his presidency–to protest the Mohamed Morsi administration. Citing his inability to improve economic conditions and fix various security issues, around 22 million Morsi opponents–with the help of Egyptian military personnel–have petitioned successfully for his immediate resignation.

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But even as children took to the streets and painted the word “Leave” on their foreheads in protest of the Muslim Brotherhood-touted politician, Morsi supporters also ensconced themselves in the demonstration fray. It’s uncertain what will happen next in the so-called centerfold of Arab democracy, but whoever assumes an ensuing position of leadership shouldn’t sit too comfortably; if the Arab Spring has proven anything, it’s that this new wave of participants has no problem giving ineffective leadership the boot.



A Letter To Bashar Al-Assad

Dear Assad Letter

Surely one more application of toothless pressure by the UN will put a stop to the civil war raging in Syria.



The Most Staggering Photos Of The Syrian Civil War

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Syria 3

Source: Manu Brabo

Syria 4

Source: Khalil Hamra

Syria 7

Source: Hamid Khatib

Syria 10

Source: The Mirror

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The Sunni-led rebellion has been in full swing for over two years now without an end in sight. What we can see, however, are cities in ruin and the human spirit on the verge of collapse.


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