An Impressive Panoply Of Blogs

Sorry for the hiatus folks! We were busy developing our own blog so we didn’t have time to check out other peoples blogs… until now. So let’s get things started.


The 80’s Synth Melody

One tank of ethanol contains enough grain to feed one African for a year

If Juno Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Times More Honest (I’m sorry I’m 1 year late with this)

How to save 150 dollars on your Comcast cable and internet bill

How to Inoculate Your Children Against Advertising

New York Before & After Cars

Sun Tzu’s Wisdom, And It Does Not Look Good For America

Medical reasons to have Sex Everyday

What Life Was Like In Pakistan in 1948 in Pictures

• And since we are all hermetic nerds who have no comprehension of other humans, The Critical 7 Rules To Understand People

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