It’s Friday and I Love Blogs

Over at Publius Pundit, they ask the question Is TV Political Analysis Biased? After a lengthy introduction on how the Sunday morning news options are controlled by Democratic operatives, you get to select whether the left or the right control THE MEDIA with the poll results being pretty obvious. Personally, I’m kind of peeved Jew Zionist Zombies Propagandists weren’t included in the choices, but that’s what you get from a ‘biased’ website.

Over at C&L, they have a video created by Blue Gal and a few others deriding how terrible Glenn Beck is. Trust me, I know, but it’s worth reiterating: Glenn Beck is an ignorant asshole.

Others worth checking out:

Time For a Grand Jury Investigation of Bush Regime

Deep Thinkers Need Not Apply: How To Get Ahead In the Modern Business World

Take a look through Conservapedia. For real. It’s hilarious.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mind by Reading the Classics

If only Chevron had some kind of internal policy committee, as part of the company’s board of directors, with a knowledgeable expert responsible for looking out for these kinds of problems. Oh wait, it did — and it was led by Condoleezza Rice.


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