Sustainable Dogs on Roof

In an interesting post, Coming Anarchy poses the question what will be sustainable counter-terrorism? In an interesting context, CA reminds one that in 1973 (when Small Is Beautiful started gaining traction, coincidentally), the idea of environmentalism was one of a zero-sum game against economics. Now, as Chirol notes, “while Americans are beginning to realize that environmentalism isn’t zero-sum, we are polarized in another crucial national security debate: terrorism. You can either fight terrorists and failed states with force and be safe, or you can avoid force and be overrun by jihadis and rogues.”

In other international news, Atlantic Review reminds us that it was the lax nature of European nuclear programs that allowed proliferation to Pakistan and others, Tiny Revolution reviews George Bush’s Ass-Based Foreign Policy, and Coming Anarchy (again) has an interesting video on terrorist birdwatching in Palestine.


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