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In the most important news ever, there has been the first-ever penis transplant. I am not kidding. The only problem is that “the patient and his wife apparently would rather not have a dead stranger’s penis in their lives. There was no physical rejection of the organ, but the patient and his wife had a “severe psychological problem” with it, and the surgeons had to remove it.”

This is the Thai revolution. Taking pictures in front of tanks, looking like a bunch of yellow mow-rons. And this is the media in America. These are the six things you shouldn’t believe (in case you do, and don’t forget your generic religion or -isms). And don’t forget, the Iraq war made the War On Terror (trademark pending) worse.

In more blog related punditry and fun-ditry:

AFP titled their piece, ‘Bush and Ahmadinejad to make rival cases in nuclear dispute at UN.’ In the interest of honesty, it should’ve been titled, ‘Two Lunatics Address UN General Assembly.’ The leader of an oil rich nation will argue that his country needs to develop nuclear energy. The leader of a nuclear weapon rich nation will argue that ‘nukes is bad.’

“I know it may seem a little weird, and I promise you that I’ll shred them after you’re done renting, but you know, since 9/11 you can’t be too careful. I have to say, we have had some STRANGE requests from foreigners. And sometimes, someone will call to rent the house, and they’ll sound all American, and then I’ll call them back, and they’ll pick up the phone in some foreign language that sounds like Al Qaeda!”


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