Banksy Capitalizes On Shitty McDonalds Labor Treatment

Banksy McDonalds 1

If you’ve read the news at all this summer, you’d know that fast food workers–especially those in New York–are pretty pissed off. And rightly so. McDonalds recently drew scorn for its proposed employee budget, which suggested that full-time employees take a second job–yes, a second job–to keep up with their living expenses. Fast food workers took to the streets to wage their protest, and it’s precisely there that famed artist Banksy has shown his support. The installation features a real boy–dirty, barefoot and overworked–shining the oversized shoes of a rather cold, imposing Ronald McDonald. Says Banksy, it’s a “critique of heavy labor required to sustain the polished image of a mega-corporation”. We can dig it.

Banksy McDonalds Face

Banksy McDonalds Aerial

Banksy McDonalds Shining

Banksy McDonalds Shoeless


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