Conservatives’ Contradictory Take on Christianity

Conservatives’ Contradictory Take on Christianity

Likewise, Michele Bachmann believes that the “10 Commandments are the foundation of our law.” Despite the fact that Americans work more for less and the country leads the world in productivity, Bachmann does not believe in extending any sort of dependency programs to those who feed it. Her solution? Pray and it will go away.

Perhaps the most disconcerting and contradictive conservative Christian out there is Rick Santorum. Why? Because some of the principles in which he believes are absolutely right. Having a “moral vision” for the country, Santorum has stated “Our founders understood that liberty is not what you want to do, but what you ought to do. That’s what liberty really is all about.” Though extending heating assistance to low-income families this winter apparently does not qualify as an “ought to do,” as he is now in favor of federally cutting it. The same goes for unemployment benefits. Channeling Scrooge more than his personal Savior, Santorum said, “Just because these people need help doesn’t mean the federal government needs to help.”

December is a sacred month to many. It is a time to give, to be thankful for the present, and to reflect on the past in anticipation of the new year. Though frankly, there’s not much holiday cheer to be found, especially as Jesus sheds compassion for conservatism. Have mercy on the poor? Bah, humbug.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    On an interesting side note, conservatives give more to charity than liberals.

  2. robert2feather says:

    Remember Christmas =It is not commercial, it’s not political ,It’s a season for giving ,The season for sharing Christmas is a time when we should stop complaining and give thanks for what we have .And be grateful for what will receive.We should celebrate Christmas in America every day because we’ve been given the gift of freedom, democracy and fair laws. Happy holidays!!

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