Salon has a good/disgusting article today about the CIA’s waterboarding procedure. I always wanted to believe in America as the City on a Hill, an example of freedom and liberty for all the world to emulate. In fact at other points in time, Americans have been courtmartialed for using waterboarding. Back when McCain was semi-liberal Republican, he spoke out vehemently against it, reminding people that we executed Japanese officers for authorizing it. In light of revelations that Bush personally authorized waterboarding, NPR asks would Jesus authorize waterboarding? And how many Hitlers are the ‘accidental’ deaths of tortured Muslims?


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  1. alec says:

    Freedom isn’t free! That’s why you gotta waterboard brown people… you know, to collect the valuable freedom juices that are in their hair.

  2. Mark Prime says:

    Open your mouth wide and bestow this birth to one another, our lone salvation,
    our reckoning with truth and beast and the earth’s nectar. Celebrate kindness,
    not its converse aberration, torture.
    It is waiting upon our approval, nothing more and nothing less…

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