Five Reasons You Should Vote For Obama In 2012

Five Reasons You Should Vote For Obama In 2012

From the country nearly defaulting to the shooting of House Representative Gabrielle Giffords, it seems like American politics can’t get any more insane than the events of 2011. Well, prepare for the crazy-gauge to get cranked up to 11 because we’re about to enter into a Presidential election year. In the previous election, we got unending shrieks about Obama’s heritage, the typical fear-mongering surrounding terrorists and homosexuality, and Sarah Palin almost made it to within a heartbeat of the presidency if American didn’t vote for Obama in 2008.

As we approach what will undoubtedly be one of the most shrill and frustrating deaths that logic and reasonable debate have faced, it makes sense to pause and reconsider exactly what we’re looking for in a presidential candidate. Republicans, demonstrating their endless ability to make perfect the enemy of good, have failed to become excited by any of the current candidates. On the other side of the aisle, liberals have been displaying quite a bit of disappointment with Hopey McImpossibleStandards Obama.

Liberals are in a slightly better position, having an inspiring, capable candidate with years of proven experience who can still totally make us cry sometimes. I can’t speak for every Democrat, centrist or disillusioned Republican, but I think Barry O deserves another 4 years, and here are the top five reasons why you should vote for Obama in 2012:

Reason One: He’s actually a mature, responsible politician

Although one could not seriously be blamed for thinking that Congress and the Presidency are laughably ineffective offices filled with politicians elected to talk grandly about everything while doing very little about anything… okay that’s actually a pretty accurate statement. But every once in a while, Congress is called upon to deal with some very serious business, the most recent example being the asinine debate surrounding the debt ceiling.

Without going into too much detail, the debt ceiling was created as an artificial checkpoint set arbitrarily by Congress back near the beginning of the 20th century. In one of the more supreme ironies of the decade, its original purpose was to allow Congress to spend even more money. The important point here is that not raising the debt ceiling would be (and has proven to be) pretty terrible. To be more precise, it falls somewhere between “Another Great Depression” and “The Goddamn Apocalypse“.

In light of this, Obama presented a plan that would cut spending by 4 trillion dollars, including major cuts to sacred liberal cows like Medicare and Social Security. It’s the farthest out a Democratic president has ever extended the olive branch in the interest of reaching a compromise. In past years, Republicans would have salivated over cuts to entitlement programs, tax restructuring and the lowering of the corporate income tax rate — all of which were included in the plan.

Instead, they rejected it and risked worldwide economic Armageddon. Why? Because the plan also cut the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year. It’s one thing to stick to your principles, it’s another thing to cause the downgrading of US credit (something that has never happened before) because you’re worried about a single-digit percentage tax increase on the most wealthy. I am obviously biased on this issue, but a President who is willing to sacrifice credibility among his base when the occasion calls for sensible political maturity is someone who should be trusted above the blindly ideological.

Reason Two: He has increased America’s credibility and efficacy abroad

Vote For Obama In 2012 Foreign Policy

Coming out of the Bush years, America’s reputation with the rest of the world was understandably suffering from serious image problems. While it’s something of a time-honored American tradition to not care what other countries think of our policies, the truth is the better we’re liked and trusted abroad, the more we can do successfully without bringing in the F-18s. So-called “soft” international power might not be as satisfying as Shock and Awe, but it’s a couple trillion dollars less expensive if a diplomat can resolve an international row.

To be fair, Obama hasn’t exactly knocked many political balls out of the park in the international realm: our crumbling relationship with Pakistan is a good example of this. But when the bar is set as low as “Don’t start wars that make no sense, ship prisoners to be tortured in CIA black-ops prisons and don’t completely ignore whatever everyone else is saying”, the fact that Obama has changed the tone is enough to count as a significant improvement.

And when almost any other potential competitor would likely respond to the issue of torture and what the UN thinks with a shrug and something about Jack Bauer, I’m going to lean toward Obama on this one. As powerful as we are, we need help to work effectively internationally, and given the current choices between Democratic unsatisfying semi-effectiveness and completely irresponsible Republican roughshod, the choice is clear.


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  1. Larry says:

    This is likely one of the worst, most biased articles I have read in quite a long time. Not only is it not very factual, it does an extremely poor job of telling the real story. Fiscally responsible? Are you serious? A mature, responsible leader with lots of experience? Where did you come up with that? His leadership has been lacking to say the least and he had zero executive experience prior to the presidency, all he does is blame everything on someone or something else. Accomplished alot? unemployment at 9.1%, health insurance noone can afford, trillions of dollars in debt, the stock market tanking, he’s surrounded by incompetent advisors, and the only things you cited he did accomplish were inflating another economic bubble with the stimulus and the healthcare he passed with a super majority and it barely got thru then. Increased American credibility? yea right, we are the laughing stock of the entire world. He sends Hillary Clinton all around the world. What a great spokesperson for the U.S. she is. Get your facts strait buddy and quit filling up the internet with your BS. Thanks for making it easy for me to decide never to visit this website again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Larry,
      You do realize that our country had all of these problems before Obama got into office right? It’s just that the majority of us americans like to sweep things under the rug until the pile under there has turned into a mountain before we decide to deal with it. I’m not in any way, shape, or form trying to stick up for Obama. I’m just saying that we need to stop placing blame and start trying to fix it. Our country is in the toilet and all we can do is sit around and blame everybody else for it. Let’s get off our asses and do something; if that means getting off our ass to go and vote for someone other than Obama then so be it. But the cold hard truth is that no matter who allowed our country to become what it is right now, knowing who did it doesn’t change the fact that it is and doesn’t make us any better off in the situation.

      I would also like to add that everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you don’t agree with that opinion does not make them a half wit. Get over yourself Larry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Larry
      I hate starting internet arguments with people with a low level of intelligence, so all I’m going to say is if you’re going to lie to make your horrible argument credible, at least spell “straight” correctly.

    • Milord says:

       Where is it not factual, Larry.

  2. Rod Walker says:

    I don’t know where to start but Larry did a nice job at summing it up.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    I think reason five is basically the reason. While traditionally I am a Republican voter, they’ve yet to provide a solid candidate and Obama actually I’d say is about as little liberal as you can be before someone might start calling you a moderate (by no means do I say he isn’t liberal or a democrat but compared to some of his compatriots he is much more conservative). Honestly the biggest issues in Washington have nothing to do with Presidents but rather Congress which in my opinion is the most power/important group in the world that gets least amount of consideration in comparison to their power. Everyone always hears about the Presidential candidates but fail to ever learn who their representatives and senators are (including me!) which is looney if you think about it. Most of America votes for the congress men that are in the same party as their Presidential pick and obviously, as seen by the recent debt scare, congress has a lot of power and needs to be elected better.

    My second issue with Washington is the fact we’ve honestly only got two choices (democrat or republican) and they basically make up the two extremes of each side on different arguments. For me I vote Republican for the most part not because I think they are the best but because my values, governmental ideas, and economic beliefs best line up with the average stock republican candidate. However while I have a very staunch conservative value, I’d be willing to surrender some of my ideas of governmental power and economic belief depending on the situation that the US is in. Obviously this shows, like most Americans, I’d probably be labeled a moderate. So now why can’t we have multiple parties (I mean actual ones not loons like the Tea Party) or at least have candidates that don’t just say and act like their party as if they were a bunch of sorority girls.
    As for any politician that I actually would believe in full heartedly, there aren’t any because people smart enough for me to actually believe in aren’t crazy/dumb enough to go into politics.

  4. Davis King says:

    What? Fiscally responsible is the title given to the President under which the nation’s credit rating was dropped from an AAA to AA+? Mature and responsible? Are you sure we’re talking about the same Obama? The one who lied to the American people starting with his campaign promises to close Gitmo? Really? What has President Obama accomplished except drowning our nation in debt while we sell our souls to the Chinese a little at a time? Oh, he won the Nobel Prize. For what? Did he end the Israeli/Palistinian conflict? No. Did he do anything of substance while in office? Nope. The fact that the Nobel Committee awarded him one, amounts to making the Nobel Prize a Cracker Jack prize.

    • ... says:

      Blaming the president for the downgrading of the United States’ credit rating isn’t correct at all. You have to remember that the main reason for the downgrade was because S&P believes that our political parties can’t get along well enough to ensure that important policies can be made. So don’t blame the president for wanting to negotiate to get the best deal possible for our nation. Obama actually proposed many balanced budget deals that would bring in additional revenue (which, let’s be completely realistic here, is necessary in a country such as the United States where we spend a lot of money), but the wonderful men and women in our Congress disposed of these bills because taxing corporations and the richest Americans, or job creators as they like to be called, is so un-American even though it could help to eliminate a large chunk of our national debt. Contrary to popular belief among Republicans and those who think that Obama is a Muslim Jihadist set on destroying America from within, Obama is actually trying to take command of this sinking ship of a nation and steer us to safety. He understands the concept of compromise and has been mature enough to get less of what he wants to make sure that important bills get passed instead of standing there with his arms crossed to brag about getting 98% of what he wants.. Sure, he could have done more for us, but he’s done a good job considering all of the political barriers that he’s faced, and he definitely deserves a lot more credit than people are giving him.

      • Freshieee says:

        I agree with you completely. Sure Obama could have done more in the first 2 years when the Dems controlled the Congress, but at least he had the courage to defy his own party by putting entitlements on the table during the debt deal. The GOP could have saved a lot of face and even our nation’s AAA rating, but unfortunately Grover Norquist reminded them of their pledged and Speaker Boehner ran away. And now HE says that HE’s disappointed with Obama when HE was the one to back away from a $4 trillion deal that could have saved our credit rating, kept our fragile economy afloat, and set us on the right path to fiscal solvency. Anybody who said the downgrade was because of Obama is not only devoid of all truth but also extremely partisan. I am a liberal Democrat, and I do oppose the GOP on practically everything, but at least I don’t blame the wrong people for the problems besetting our nation. Let’s cut the bickering, support this guy for 2012, and maybe, just maybe, get us on the road to prosperity. Obama has done a lot for this nation, and I bet he could do a lot more with our help.

        • Sab says:

          If it would have happened under Bush you would have been the first to blame it on him, way to go with your double standards buddy.

  5. Dimebag says:

    Who writes this bullshit? God are you delusional.

  6. margie davis says:

    Apologists for President Obama (me included) keep pointing out that all the problems he’s grappling with now, he inherited from previous administrations. At first we said “Hey, he’s only been president 3 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, a year– whatever.” How long does he have? When will we see tangible results. I know he promised us hope, but is that all we’re going to get?

  7. dancing rabbit says:

    As someone who leans towards the left I feel Obama should have been a stronger and keener advocate for real health care reform, economic reform, stimulation of the economy in a way that creates jobs for non-professional people etc. etc.

    But I realize that the union of two interests (however unlikely) has formed an opposition of such power that it can defeat any proposal it chooses. This rather unholy alliance between multinational corporations and the bitter, petulant tribe of mostly small town, white conservatives who are seeing their special status and privileges crumble. The corporations have the cash on hand to dominate the airways and drown out any opposing view points and the Madison Avenue science to sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.

    There are those who ask why should we have to vote for the lesser of two evils.
    Well, I’ll tell you. Lesser evil is really better than greater evil. If you wait for the perfect candidate or party you will wait forever. Let me give you an example: If Al Gore had prevailed over George Bush we probably would not have gone to war in Iraq. Saved close to a trillion dollars, many lives, and possibly the Iraqis would not have been any worse off.

  8. maria says:

    i am tired of voting for the less problematic politician in the field. obama is a war monger and a corrupt politician. i know the gop candidates are horrible but i think it is morally wrong to ask people to vote other than their conscience even it is the pragmatic thing to do. Look at what pragmatism has brough to this country!

  9. Anonymous says:

    is this article a joke?

  10. Nick says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!!! All possible candidates are the same person, oboma included . You can roll them all into one neo-con ball.

  11. JZSIZZL says:

    RON PAUL! seriously if you havn’t heard of him LOOK HIM UP AND WATCH HIS VIDEOS and decide for yourself who the best candidate is… its obvious people.

  12. Anonymous says:

    hate all polotician in the world true belivers of the illuminati code know that you are the ones killing individual freedoms so you get richer im no god but also no clodd

    • Anonymous says:

      This is an excellent article that really sums up why Obama is the best candidate for 2012.

      I enjoy the comments as well; they provide a lot of insight into left vs. right “thinking.” Many of those who consider themselves on the right need to start to THINK and not just blindly believe everything they hear from their friends, family, and community.

      For anyone who disagrees, do your research. While you may not support everything he has done, Obama has done an impressive amount of good for our country — even more impressive considering that the right was hellbent on destroying him from the day he was elected.

      Bipartisan politics and Congress are the problem, and Obama is the best solution we have.

      • sandy says:

        You need to get a good look at your life, at it is now, cuz it will not be the same later. Obama is going to change all of that. If you voted for Obama, then, may God for give you. You need to go to HELL!!!!!!

  13. Who cares says:

    Obviously this is a left winged article and its funny all the little liberal kiss asses on here that try to stick up for obama. The truth is theres a lot of shady shit that goes on in the back room and if you think obama is an angel I got news for you youre wrong. All you little liberal pussies talk all that trash about bush like obama has never done anything stupid (like pretty much every thing hes ever done in office).

    • Daimyo says:

      Obama sticks his neck and our money out for Detroit and it worked. The GOP would have let it die (their words). He spent alot of the country’s money into a gamble on the stimulus and we can complain about it, because it worked. Overall unemployment is down , the market is overall up, housing is getting sold (my house sold after 2 1/2 years), we are out of Iraq militarily (if you can call it that)…what’s not to like?  there’s more

      • Debake says:

         He has done nothing for Detroit, except allow “young artists” go out and paint “art” all around. Please tell me how allowing people to graffiti on their city is moving forward in the right way?

  14. Alan says:

    The author of this article needs to see a professional in the field of mental health. I heard that liberals ignore all truth and history, but this article just takes the cake.

  15. Obamasucksass177 says:

    Obama is helping with an African genocide..look up Obama and Genocide and you can see for yourself. Hes taxing us for Co2 and leaving us without energy, moving all the money from our hands to foreign nations. He supportes a big government and is working as a tool..i mean in the Treyvon killing “if I had a son hed look like him” how because you look black we should elect you again? how sad the people buy this crap. Obamacare, executive acts, patriot act…the list goes on people. Just because he bares the title “Democrat”, doesnt mean her cares a rats ass about the poor. So those who support me some of the promises he actually saw through. Wake up America!!! Vote Ron Paul 2012…theres a reason why the media keeps blacking out his popularity..hes the only one who wants to help you..DOWN WITH THE FEDS!!

  16. Darkshomenking says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to go commit suicide in fema. you fucking faggot

  17. Tom says:

    This is the funniest thing i have read in along time,thankyou for the good laugh,and you really need to put the crack pipe down for a while. There is only one real man out there that has any type of real plan,and is a true american and that is Ron Paul,bar none.

  18. IanI says:

    24 comments, but not one with any contact with reality. Ron Paul? Seriously? maybe before the rise of corporations and civil rights and women’s rights… nah, not even then. Lesser of evils? Drones shot at weddings and funerals in the hope of killing some “enemy” along with the women and children, and the president getting to declare citizens as enemies and having them murdered. Judge, jury, executioner. Bush didn’t do this only because he didn’t have enough imagination to think he could get away with it. Be real. We are so far from democracy at this point that even the illusion is impossible to maintain. An old joke was that the difference between the democrat and the republican politicians was the the c-rats might kiss you before they… not anymore, they don’t even bother to pretend these days. Obama idolizes Ron Reagan for Christ’s sake! He’s willing to gut social security and medicare without even being asked too by the “loyal opposition” and he’s the only close-to-sane one running for the office, and no, you can’t count guys who won’t get 1% of the vote in this obviously fixed horse-race. We are so screwed!

  19. sandy says:

    If you vote for Obama, then you are stupid!!! You are also ignorant!!! YES!!! I can actually SPELL!!! Unlike most of the voters for Obama. If he gets back in, this country is SCREWED!!!!! If you vote for him, because he is black???? or you are black, then you are Stupid!!!!!! Get a Grip and see what is really going on in this country. Come On, get Real, and vote the right way. Get rid of the BS, that Obama talks about!!!!!!

    • Blackice4real says:

      The reason shallow people like you are not voting for Obama is because he is think black people are inferior to white people.

      • Termite420 says:

        im half and half just like obama. so if i dont vote for him i hate half of myself? i hope you were joking lolz

      • d_voice of reason says:

        Actually, he’s half black and half white. So, you Dems can hate the white half, and patronize the black half.

      • brian barton says:

        seriously?? you think it comes to skin color?? i wonder if he looked like his mother instead of his father how dedicated you would be to defending his incompetence….

        there are a few narrow minded idiots who dislike him for his skin color….

        the rest of us intelligent ones dislike him for his horrible job performance….

      • JimmyS says:

        The fact that 95% of black people vote based on a candidates color indicated that they are racists. Racists are STUPID!!

    • Requires_Logic says:

      Being able to spell does not make you intelligent in the slightest, and neither does calling your opposition stupid (or, alternatively, ignorant, which, in your haste, you likely forgot means the same thing as stupid).
      While the writer of this essay clearly was writing, like yourself, with great speed and lack of critical thought, one might suggest that you are actually superiorly inferior (if you take my meaning because of the complete lack of any kind of evidence or logic behind your claim that our nation is “screwed”. The author of the above article at least attempted to make some sort of argument, and did present (uncited) evidence for his/her argument. One might point out the apparent absurdity in your comment given it by the excessive exclamation points and commas, but that is, of course, rather petty. Instead, I would encourage you to rethink your position and actually see if you can come up with two or three logical, concrete facts supporting your position. Chances are, you can. But as evidenced by your nearly illiterate comment above, you clearly have not, as yet, done so.

  20. Rob S says:

    While I didn’t vote for Obama I certainly don’t want a Mormon running this country.

    • Milord says:

      If you vote according to your faith, that makes you devout. Bravo. If you vote against someone based on their faith, that makes you a theocrat. How sad.

      • Rob S says:

        What kind of bullshit response is that? Who is really going to elect someone like Romney who belongs to a cult such as Mormonism. I’d rather see Obama remain in office before electing a cult member.

    • No one wanted a catholic in 60.
      I pick mormon over Muslim

  21. Jerrygallagher says:

    Obviously an argument can be made for anything-except this. This disaster of a president had no history,no job,no grades no nothing; he does now and it’s worse than jimmy carter.Worst president in history? Hands down!

  22. JoDell Gray says:

    I wasn’t at all impressed with THE 5 REASONS  we should vote for Obama. I just want to understand what did
    he actully do for our country?

    • Kelmo says:

      How can u pick between Obama and Romney they both r war hungry,neither has a real plan to change america.we don’t need a lil bit change,add a lil bit here we need a overhaul.the goverment is full of lies, Obama is keeping the poor ppl poor with full bellys and running to the doctors cus we ate too much now the doctor r rich cus we n they face for hlp they don’t give a damn bout us cus we using medicare.then Obama sends some of us to school but then we gratulate with no where to work cus the jobs r cross seas or the hispanic got em cus they brought the drugs n and got a green card to work so they got the jobs Romney is gonna do much worst all the ppl of all races that act up is gonna be lock up NOW ALL HE CARES FOR IS THE RICH FO REAL u ppl up here should see how he treat the dude n the wheelchair that wanted medicinal marijuana on youtube. MITT ROMNEY could care less for the guy. Now RON PAUL IS THE REAL DEAL idc that he just might change some programs like schools,irs,etc most of the things were more of a curse than a blessing.I will say i don’t think all things should be change I think the only twinking n the education department should be for the BETTER but all n all RON PAUL all the way! He will legalize Cannabis,which will in turn save lives,create jobs,improve the enviroment, please God (God did make it)(herbs was suppose to be meat for the body for all creatures on earth) read ur bible.Those suit wearing suckers scare that cannabis will blow hard drugs,alchol,cigarettes,and prescriptions out the water…..just think about it lol rofl!!!!

  23. Demigod says:

    This was a great article. I enjoyed the ridiculous comments from these hypocritical Republicans. Obviously they are holding a grudge. Ron Paul? Really? Hahahaha that is so laughable. He can’t even compete against Mit Romney. Nevertheless neither one of them will EVER win against President Obama. You cant blame the president for what he inherited. The more you ignorant jerks continue to bash Obama the better it makes him look. If you have to try to find something to use against Obama, you my friends are very uneducated in the art of politics.

  24. RepublicanSlayer1 says:

    You are the man Demi lol. OBAMA!!!!!!!

  25. Carl says:

    these are horrible reasons. Im voting for roseanne

  26. Debake says:

    Barrack Obama will NOT be getting my vote for the 2012 election, mainly because he is possibly one of the worst speakers. If I had one person to compare him to that would be Jimmy Carter. Want to know what he did? -Nothing. He and Obama are in the same boat as far as i am concerned and it is full of leaks. Mit Rommney all the way 2012!

  27. LawyerJohn says:

    Pure propaganda.  Look around you folks.  Are you better off?  Is your business improving?  Has your income and savings expanded during his regime?  Are businesses opening left and right?  If you buy health insurance, has its price  gone down because of the anticipation of Obamacare?     Has Obama really done anything that improves your standing in the world?  I know  in my case, and in the case of my family, friends and business relationships, the answer is a resounding “No!”  Do not vote for Obama.

    • We’re not dead. Infact we’re no worse off than before he came in. Just remember it was 8 years of republican presidency that left us with a collapsed economy. Another 4 years of Democrats and we’ll be back.

    • Gwyn says:

      I actually feel okay. For one I was allowed to stay on my parents insurance another year and that helped me out a lot as I had to intern to get my foot in the door. I make smart decisions and work hard. Business at least seems to be booming where I work and all around me.

    • Bill says:

      Compared to four years ago I’m much better off. I now own a home, which I got at an excellent price, own a car, and have a good job. Houses in my neighborhood that went for sale this summer sold really fast and for higher prices as compared to when I bought 2 years ago.

  28. Revbill says:

    Both candidates suck. I’ll be voting for Ron Paul.

  29. Matt says:

    I agree with sandy, I dont give a crap what color he is, he is a proven liar and has been caught bad mouthing americans when he thought no one was listening, he’s talking about nukes behind our backs, and hes been caught in multiple lies, he is the downfall of this country and if he gets re-elected I fear that it will bring a civil war, the people are tired of this man saying 1 thing and doing another, and government is doing nothing but forcing us to take matters in our own hands.

  30. Alex. says:

    I don’t disagree with you, but there are a tremendous number of clerical errors in this article. I would suggest a quick revision of the fourth-to-last paragraph, in which the final sentence is missing a key word or phrase, probably a verb linking the comparatively low cost of Obamacare to the outrageously high cost of various sources of military spending. The reader is left wondering what the verb might be, because although it is quite clear that the purpose of the sentence is to convince one that the cost of healthcare reform is lower than military spending, were one to insert the verbs, for instance, “screw”, “drink”, or “utilize”, the sentence would still flow. While the sentence would not necessarily make sense, the point is that it… frankly doesn’t at all anyway.

  31. ArmsLikeWetRopes says:

    Reason One: “Maturity and a Plan” He has taken more vacations than any president and can’t speak in public which is ironic because he’s ALWAYS in public. Also that “plan” has since crumbled and is offset by so many retarded spending ideas he’s done before.

    Reason Two: “Being a Pushover is Respectable” Sure you could argue not being the Just and Merciful powerhouse America used to be saves money but I would prefer
    to die instead of innocent people overseas because the UN is a giant sack of whiny turds. Also you’re implying if we weren’t restriced by the UN that America would just kill everybody. In the past 10 years America has expressed a yurning to kill overseas terrorists who are taking over cities but it’s
    all been declined by the UN. How do you justify a source
    that denies the Armed Forces to do it’s INTERNATIONAL JOB.

    Reason Three: “Let’s Not Mention How Offset This Is” /Title

    Reason Four: See Reason Three

    Reason Five: “Utility, Face, and Biden” Within the first
    two sentences you implied Palin was MORE than just the face of the duo. I guess it would be hard to discern with a VP like Biden who respresets nothing but a free ride in the history book.

  32. The real Prose says:

    Junk article full of liberal dogma. Get your facts straight.

  33. republicrat says:

    Obama is fiscally responsible? Is that that why is had driven up more debt than EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT COMBINED? Actions speak louder than words we all can agree to be sure. He obvious cares more about ILLEGAL mexicans than giving a United States citizen a job. He wants you to depend on him for your sustinence. He has gone against our constitution numerous times. His economics are scewed, to put it kindly.. the fact is he had NO record to run on. Housing market? Is that why my house is worth less now than it did in ’08? I was really looking for some “hope” in this article but I have found NOTHING factual I’m afraid.. the cares little if anything for the (shrinking) middle class. In his own words he wants higher gas prices thinks we are too stupid to think for ourselves. By the way, ignorant doesn’t means stupid, it is having a lack of knowledge, didn’t you know that? Don’t be ignorant! But I digress. Yes ignorance of the truth is exactly what he is counting on to win our vote. I’m no george bush fan (of either) to be sure. He had also done nothing to fix any of bush’s mess. You can’t put out fire with fire folks. Stimulus is a joke no matter whose name you tie to it. Obama preaching fiscal responsibility is like Wilt Chaimberlain giving a lecture on absinence. Mr. President, get some credibility if you want to get my vote.

  34. Max says:

    Are you kidding? Who wrote this insane article? LOL

  35. Wake-up-people says:

    Obama is now responsible for a third of our national debt. A THIRD!! How could he spend that much money and the economy is no better off than when he took office?
    Obamacare has only been in effect for a month, and already insurance cost has increased 7%. 1 in 6 employeers will drop provided coverage next renewal, or you will be paying a bigger premium. Doctors are leaving the medical field because the government will have control over how people are treated. If Obamacare is such a great thing, then please tell me why every one of the senators that voted against the repeal are exempt from it?
    Obama has stopped talking about his plans for the next term and has foced on attacking Romney. I not talking about his “plans for a better economy,” I want to know how he plans to get us there. People have moved beyond his smoke and mirrors and want to know details. Furthermore, how can he attack Romney over speculation of taxes, when his birth certificate was obtained in hawaii though a one year residents law? Where is the real one?
    I could go on, but no one would even bother to read an essay on the topic. Does anyone have the answers to these questions?

  36. Very well written article. Very apparent it was written by a government employee. Bush made the mess because he gave everything the democrats what they wanted. He worked across party lines and compromised with the Liberals. Now they blame bush. It’s very difficult to compromise with the liberal without giving up your principles. It is quite possible for a liberal to compromise with the conservative. Clinton worked with the Republicans and guess what? They balanced the budget!

    I don’t look at what Obama has failed to accomplish. I look at all and he has accomplished. Google this.

  37. ops_director says:

    “increased America’s credibility and efficacy abroad” … Well, hindsight is 20/20, but how does that dumbass statement taste right about now? Obama = Weak … I wouldn’t trust him to watch my dog, nevermind my country.

  38. Ray says:

    This was well written! Great job! #Obama2012-2016

  39. smith says:

    you have got to be kidding 4 more years of obama means no united states of america watch the videos he is a muslim and apologizes for the us being a power to be dealt with your men and women of liberty will haunt you watch your back

  40. Hank says:

    Are you high? Obama was the least fiscal president ever.

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  42. Bill says:

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  45. tommie451 says:

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