Meet The Next Sarah Palin: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer At The Arizona Governors Debate

The above video is from last nights Arizona gubernatorial debate, with the breakthrough performance of the night going to current governor and champion of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration legislation, Republican Jan Brewer. It only gets worse, as after the debate she ducks questions about her allegations that illegal immigrants have beheaded American citizens in the Arizona desert, only to space out for 20 seconds and walk away:

Oh, and she also falsely claimed her dad died during World War 2 fighting the Nazi’s (it turns he died in the 1950’s of cancer and never left the United States during World War 2). Meet the next Sarah Palin: another idiotic Republican governor that can’t even remember half of her own lies, which of course, is a result of the liberal bias of the ‘gotcha’ mainstream media.

If you want to relive the pain of her opening statement, see below for the full transcript [via Daily Kos]:

“I have … done so much and I just cannot believe that we have changed everything since I’ve become your governor in the last 600 days. Arizona has been brought back from its abyss,” Brewer said, after appearing to lose her train of thought.

Then, after saying, “We have cut the budget, we have balanced the budget and we are moving forward. We have done everything that we could possibly do,” the governor paused for a 10 seconds — an eternity in a live televised debate — before looking down at her notes.

Even sadder? The latest poll has her up by 19 points on her opponent, Democrat Terry Goddard.

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