Thanks To BP, This Is A Whale

BP Oil Spill Whale

Scientists found this sperm whale 77 miles south from the Deepwater spill site off the Gulf Coast.

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  1. DBE says:

    Don’t believe every single thing you read or see on the internet folks.

    First off, that the oil leak is a disaster of immense proportions is not in question here. Nor will whether or not this whale died as a direct result of the oil leak change that fact.

    Now, you should already know that you must take anything you see/hear/read over the internet with a grain of salt. You don’t know anything about this image other that the captioner has decided to imply that it is oil on its body to serve their own agenda.

    How do YOU know that is oil? Do you know what oil looks like on an animal? (hint: it looks glossy and wet, not dull and flat)?

    It seems, to my eye, that we are looking at a whale that died of undetermined causes that has floated to the surface and suffered severe sun exposure over a period of days or weeks, causing 2nd (the reddish area) and 3rd degree burns over the part of its body that has suffered the greatest exposure.

    Plenty of proveable damage to nature has been done by this disaster – there is no need to damage your crusade by latching onto something that is not proven (and probably not true).

  2. […] terrifying scope of this catastrophe from being known to the American people. Scientists have even reported a whale found 77 miles south of spill [photo bottom left] burnt and floating dead on the surface of […]

  3. James says:

    Doesn’t anyone recognize this? Come on….this is easy, this is a crop circle, I mean one of the fake ones, you know, by those guys with the boards and strings and stuff, and they really did a good job on this, they faked everyone out, ….Really, an oil spill causing anything like this is ludicrous, we should applaud them for taking so much time to get us all caught up in this, a dead whale, I mean …….

  4. […] the cartoon and photo everyone must see. var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Oil Spill Update July […]

  5. david mckee says:

    Well camera man and critic Park your car throw awayeverything thas uses gas ans condem all of your friends too. Im an american and… if we didnt create a market for fuel this would not be so.


  6. ocbrat says:

    Looks like the coast off hawwaii

  7. alltoostupid says:

    I have never seen so many JR. Detectives jockying for position. Get the fuck over yourselves. None of you have the slightes clue where when and how the stupid whale died, aside from a bunch of half conjured conjecture.

    Shut the hell up

    • Call Me Ishmael says:

      @alltoostupid – I knew if I scrolled down far enough I´d find reason. Unfortunately, thanks to @truth it ended as quickly as it began.

  8. truth says:

    The cause of death, is so far undetermined.

    Lots of stupid fucking people here (mostly Americans) who can’t separate critical thinking from a website headline specifically designed to get you all riled up.

    You are the reason the whole world laughs at American’s and calls them stupid and ignorant.

  9. Paul says:

    Awesome whale!

  10. elizabeth says:


  11. Splurgy says:

    Why is this tagged as “British Petroleum”? They haven’t used that name for quite a while, and it’s as American as it is British

  12. DOUCHE BAG says:


  13. Think before you talk says:

    Yes the BP has been horrible but lots of people are saying some crazy stuff. I am just stating 100% true info. First of do we now for sure this picture was taken in the gulf of mexico. Lets assume it is. Only 30% of the gulf of mexico is blocked from fishing. Okay I’m sorry if I have already pissed off people. Is anybody on this website a scientist. Is that oil on that whale or is the whale decomposing and baked from the sun. IDK. But I only see the top portion of the whale black. The bottom looks completely white. Wouldn’t the whole whale be covered in oil? Ok how did this whale die? Yes the whale probably died from the oil spill. The spill at the very least would harmed this whales food supply. I’m sure oil would have made this animal sick if this was near the oil. Now how does oil sit in the water? Oil floats on top of the water and spreads across it. Again I’m no scientist but is there a chance water deep under the oil remain unaffected. I doubt this though. Who is to blame for the spill? I say lots of people. Ownership of BP is complicated. There’s major influences from Switzerland, England, and the United States. Operation is mainly influenced by english executives. Americans are to be blamed for the regulation. What happened to the agency that regulates oil rigs. I can’t even find what agency that is. If you say its obama’s fault you should think some more. Don’t republicans want deregulation of business. But then again Obama could have stepped in him self and prevented this. I’m sorry if you read this shit. Yes I agree that the oil spill has been devastating. The gulf state’s fishing is fucked. The wetlands are fucked. But what pissed me off is when people said its Obama’s fault or its englands fault or its america’s fault. Or when people were 100% sure that there’s oil on this whale. I hope you guys that said those things don’t act like that at work with your superiors or even coworkers. I hope you just act like that on the internet. I guess its amazing how much argument a picture of a whale that could have been photoshoped can trigger.

  14. sausagefingers says:

    when whales die they bloat and float to the surface. the skin blackens as a result of a combination of the sun and rot. that is not oil.

  15. Wendy says:

    Disregard what I said I am dumb.

  16. wolf pack says:

    I agree with Wenndy. I bet (BS) which stands for BULL SHIT, does not know what they are talking about. But if I may add, in a form of a question, could anybody actually be prepared for such a catastrophe if they did not knew that it was going to happen?
    Answer: This is what happens for lack of innitiative and brains. I say that if the company thinks they have the man power to drill on deep waters, well, they should be prepared to contain for the worst. BP was not even prepared in the very least. Some contaiment is better than no contaiment. So, where was the contaiment team on standby, probably out on break drinking a beer or something.

  17. Wolf pack says:

    I know, we don’t know were this picture was take, but that looks like oil to me on the whales body. and the odds of it being taken by an affected area due to BP is perty high

  18. Really? says:

    Calling people names and blindly blaming BP- nice argument. Of course it was probably BP, but that doesn’t mean it was. Whales did die before the oil spill. To claim that that is the only possible cause of death is quite ignorant; this should be cited. Tons of people will spread propaganda like this blindly without evidence because they believe they are “fighting for a cause”. Yea, F- BP, I agree- but don’t just be such damn sheep, following the herd. Cite some evidence or shut up.

  19. europe rules says:

    it is so easy to blame BP or any other oil company. But its millions of people driving their SUVs who casue the damage and create demand for oil. Band of hypocrits

  20. Truthhunter says:

    When was the last time you heard of a dead whale found in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes…..maybe we shouldn’t think for a moment that tens of millions of gallons of highly poisonous toxins would have anything to do with the death of whales or fish or sea birds and crustaceans, no that would be highly improbable……..Nor we should we believe for a minute that thousands of people are getting sick from the fumes of the dispersent either. God forbid that we look at the obvious first….Oh no lets spend millions and ten years researching, just so that BP can spend another ten years arguing it in court.
    You must be an employee of BP assigned to monitor web sites and create confusion. For get about it! no one will believe you and or the lieng scum at BP!

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  23. kerri says:

    this is a result of them trying to do “contoled oil burnings.”
    what ass holes.

  24. Please inform me if the findings for this wale are positive and if it is from the BP oil spil.
    im from Greece and its hard to get all the latest news on this issue that interest me.
    many thanx
    in advance

  25. tears of oil says:

    there’s a heart on the whale’s belly :'(

  26. Anderson says:

    That’s really sad.

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