A Student Protests In Iran

Iran Student Protester Against Ahmadinejad

A student protests against Iranian President Ahmadinejad before a speech in Tehran. The sign reads “Fascist President, Polytechnics [University] Is Not Your Place”

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  1. Ragram says:

    How do we know that’s what it really says? What are polytechnics?

    • Ahmed Yousif says:

      I can read farsi and can verify that the translation is accurate.

      polytechnic institute: a technical school offering instruction in many industrial arts and applied sciences

    • Todd says:

      Read the caption below the photo? I’m assuming the translation is real, or is it a conthpiracy!?

  2. Asshat says:

    Two minuets later… What protester?

  3. jjj says:

    At least there is going to be a recent pic of the guy before his “accident”..

  4. irandispatch says:

    he was sacked form the university after doing this

  5. jason says:

    Are you sure you spelled it correctly? More power to you!

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  7. Jon says:

    What happened after the photo was taken?

  8. Ben says:

    I suspect he could have written the message on his balls if he wanted the sign to be larger but it’s probably hard to write legibly.

  9. Jeff says:

    Defines the “president” as facist…

    Every nation is currently facist. Except the ones we are occupying for the cause of “good”. Spreading “democracy” like the plague.

    Companies have more say than any person.

    The upcomming world war/revolution will end up being states for the people and states for control of the people.

  10. RevToneZone says:

    Wow. I love the determination in his face.

  11. MurrayC says:

    SILENCE! I KILL YOU! (Aw c’mon! You know you wanted to say it too!)

  12. bob says:

    he’s lucky they didn’t shoot him

    • Anonymous says:

      they didn’t?!

    • Misha says:

      What’s wrong with dictators today? Act your title and eviscerate that fucker! Remember those good-ol’ -days when the air smelled like charred remains of jews and homosexuals?

    • Anonymous says:

      You clearly don’t know Iran… he would have been lucky if they did just shoot him..

  13. xuc says:

    Yeah, he’s dead.

  14. Ramo Ibattak says:

    Speak truth to power

  15. BigVinn says:


  16. Can any one validate that translation? If so, this guy has some serious balls.

    • Squidgius says:

      Not sure if you need someone with a pedigree to validate it for you, but roughly Romanized by line it’s:
      “Raes jamhoor fasheest” (fascist president)
      “Polytechnic” (technical university)
      “Jae tu nast” (is not your place)

      So the translation is spot on. Very brave indeed.

  17. ebrahim says:

    the translation is correct.
    BTW, in such events they ususally search everybody and do not let papers/marker so not anybody can do this. He has used back of one of their own posters.
    also they always try to fill the event with their own extrimist militia that they bring by buses to universities. they will beat you to death if they see you. the guy has been lucky to do it all to the end, so because of cameras, he just got fired from university.
    but they will not forget, and will get back to him later for sure (if not by now)

  18. Jordan says:

    holy shiitttt that man has balls

  19. carol h. says:

    Whatever happens here, there has been little in the way of courage to demonstrate. Most Americans have lost the ability to care enough, to be outraged enough to demonstrate. Even in Mexico they demonstrate for months regarding a flawed election.

    We have become so dead, so beaten down, so corrupted by the government and the lousy media, that we do not have the will to demonstrate in the numbers needed to make change. And now it is too late.

    Whatever the sign says, at least he is saying something. And they do demonstrate in Iran. In large numbers and a great cost to them. It is a hell of a lot more then most of us do here.

    Would I have the courage? Under the dictatorship that they have, I don’t know.

  20. Potsie says:

    Is that the Fonz on the right?

  21. TNG says:

    I really hope this young man is safe and out of harms way. What courage standing up to that pig Ahmadinejad.

  22. Ned says:

    The first line definitely says “Fascist President” and that the second line says “Polytechnic.” I don’t know Farsi, but the alphabet and some words are the same as Arabic.

  23. Mitikomon says:

    his name is “???? ???? ?????” if you search it in google you can see his pix.
    he is in jail now.
    this photo s for 2008.
    PolyTechnic is the old name of Amirkabir University in Tehran.

  24. Yaru says:

    I can read it. That’s what it says.

  25. Mitikomon says:

    His name: “Mohammad Yousef Rashidi”

  26. cili says:

    He was sentenced to a year in prison for this. I’ll pray for his survival.

  27. MurrayC says:

    Aziz: “Achmed? What did we learn in terrorist training camp?’

    Achmed: “Sigh. Shoot photographer, THEN protester”

    Aziz: “Now, as punishment, you will go to westernized discotheque. I’ll call later”

  28. Captain McBad says:

    Reminds me a bit of the “Tank Man” at Tiananmen Square.

  29. Maryam says:

    His name is Mohammad Yousef Rashidi and he was tried on Sunday May 2, 2010 and sentenced to 1 yr in prison and deprived of studying for 3 years in total. Translation is correct. Also, should be noted that this famous photo is from before last year’s Green Movement protests where he bravely held up this sign in a room full of regime supporters and Basijis when Ahmadinejad had come to speak at the university.

    He is truly a brave man.

  30. mike says:

    this is courage. i wonder how many guys around him feel the same – but wouldn’ dare to speak up.

    all the best, pal

  31. Macca says:

    Never to be heard of again, accept maybe in an Amnesty International campaign ‘What ever happened to?’

  32. mdrk says:

    True inspiration

  33. Critu says:

    BALLS! Period.

  34. Steve says:

    I’m such a coward. I would never have the balls to do something like that. Respect to this man.

  35. Ashkan says:

    I`m From Iran,Polytechnics is a old university in Tehran …..

  36. Soheil says:

    I am a Persian and the translation is correct :
    ???? ????? : President
    ?????? : Fascist
    ??? : Place
    ?? : You
    ???? : Is not
    ??? ????? : A University in Iran

  37. Anonymous says:

    ??? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?????

  38. viktoria1-1 says:

    he is really brave!

  39. Mariospants says:

    The navy seals should rescue this guy and bring him to the U.S. While Iran needs more like him, he won’t last long there!

  40. Nick says:


  41. K says:

    Giant… fucking… ballz.

    If this man is truly “Abducted” by his government for speaking his mind then the actions of said government are only proving his case. Every person is entitled to their opinion and should never have to fear physical harm or endure threats, torture, etc, for that.

    I applaud the dude, we need more people like him in the states.

  42. atul says:

    Very brave , considering the law and the punishment that can follow. Hope he is alright. We might see this chap again later on may be as some big revolutionary.

  43. doesnt-matter says:

    This protester will likely be killed by torture. You are watching someone commit suicide..

  44. What if this protest cost him his life… hmmmm

  45. Anonymous says:


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