America’s Funding Priorities, Education Versus Prison System

America's Funding Priorities, Education Versus Prison System Infograph


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  1. Eminence Frontman says:

    You can either front load them or back load them. It is much more cost effective to build schools than prisons, cause you have to catch them at one end or the other.

  2. Kevin says:

    agree with the jist here, but how do you figure that students in Michigan don’t have access to libraries or computer labs?

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s the amount of money they spend to keep criminals off the street so your kids can be on it.

  4. No says:

    That’s the amount of money spent to keep criminals off the street so that your kids can be on it.

  5. Joe Cool says:

    About the same hourly rate…

  6. jeebus says:

    One breeds criminals, the other holds em. Check out Norway’s prison system. They actually give them world class SERVICE, and FREEDOM (and weapons!). What’s funny is, it works better than locking them into cells like we do. They have a much higher success rate of rehabilitation (that is, offenders no longer commit crimes) simply by giving them a ridiculous vacation. The power of love knows no bounds! seriously, look it up, google “norway prison system.”

  7. Le Awkward Turtle says:

    Umm, do kids really need 3 meals during an 8 hour school day?
    Do they get charged to see the nurse?
    Kids not only have a library and computer lab, they are required to go.
    Free housing? That’s what home is for.
    Sport program = Phys. Ed.
    Dental care = parent’s responsibility.
    Weight room so my 8 year old can go bulk up?
    Cable in school, what part of that sounds like a good idea.
    Earn a degree? The kid’s earning the degree by going to school.
    Clothing = parent’s responsibility.
    Laundry services = parent’s responsibility.

    In short. School, and prison have different intentions. Prisons are a residence, school is a program. This entire this is a big steaming pile of shit. There is not a single shred of common sense to be found.

  8. lykus says:

    This makes it sounds like we should be making the lives of prisoners even more miserable, when instead the answer lies in laying off unreasonable drug laws that account for many of these prisoners.

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