Best Political Campaign Ever

Just a few of his campaign promises:

Change is Cumming

? Cumming with respect for law and order

? Cumming with an eye for careful spending

? Cumming with enterprise for job renewal

? Cumming with diligence and stability

? Cumming with a sense of responsibility

? Cumming with care for details

? Cumming with concern for neighbourhood safety

? Cumming with initiatives for business investment

And yes, it’s very, very real. Ian Cumming is running as a candidate for City Council in Pickering, Ontario. That’s Canada, for you Americans. Let’s just hope he doesn’t rub his campaign slogan all over the voters face

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  1. Dave says:

    Ah and we all know that stoners and dropouts (read Democrats) love the double-entendre, look how they throw around the term “tea bagger”. It’s hard to believe that lefties support the homosexual contingent as they claim when they use a homosexual sex term like tea bagger as a pejorative to insult people. That sounds more like they look down on homosexual sex. Of course most Democrats are high most of the day so who would expect lucidity. The entire movement is represented by the likes of Jon Stewart because he exemplifies them, a man with no apparent moral compass or ideology that spends all of his time insulting people who have done and are doing better than him. Pretty much what the progressives spend their lives doing…

    • AJ says:


      Very funny post! But inaccurate and a horrible general assumption. What you said about Democrats is no more right than the Democrats (or liberals in general) that say the opposing party is full of prejudice southern idiots who are out of touch with society. I am of the opinion both parties and extremists are all wrong and uneducated. The simple fact you dislike a group of people because of their association with a political party means you are incapable of using your brain. With that said, your post is still funny but mainly because of how blind you are to your own prejudice and hate.

      I happen to think this article is funny because Ian Cumming either thought this was a good way to win, or because he is so out of touch with society that he didn’t notice.


    • Also Dave says:

      You take things waaaaay too seriously, bro. Here, hit this and shut up *passes spliff*

    • Chaz says:

      Generalizations are always right!

  2. abdullah moqtasadeh says:

    methinks Dave is Rick Sanchez….

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  4. Anonymous says:


    • anoonomeece says:

      How do you cum with stability? Whenever I cum into a public office, my knees go weak.

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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