A World War 2 Veteran Joins Occupy Wall Street

A World War 2 Veteran Joins Occupy Wall Street

A World War 2 veteran participates in Occupy Wall Street wearing a sign saying “Main Street not Wall Street.”


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  1. William says:

    There are no trust-fund kids there, you fucking moron. No one WANTS to live in a park and get pepper sprayed because it’s “cool”. People are doing it because they urgently NEED to express discontent with an unjust system.

  2. jeroen says:

    that’s why limbaugh said ‘many’ and not ‘all’.

    • Legion says:

      No he said many in order to save face. That’s what the 1% see this movement as because they do not/will not understand the plight of the people below them. These are people that have never had to work for what they have, or at least haven’t for a very long time. They’re accustomed to being served, accustom to treating people as bar codes and assets to be used. When they no longer bring in to these pigs what the 1% feel they cost they’re are tossed aside. For better or worse change is coming and there is going to to be plenty of shit hitting plenty of jewel encrusted fans. W.A.L.

  3. redsquid2 says:

    I’m 49, a Teamster shop steward, volunteer at my church, work full time, and attend Occupy meetings whenever I can. People who listen to Rush are not getting informed or educated.

  4. Captainreject says:

    Why dont we just burn the mother fucking politicians? And then we can have some real change

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