A Slogan For Occupy Wall Street

A Slogan For Occupy Wall Street Picture


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  1. says:


  2. Agent L says:

    Resistance is NEVER futile, Resistance IS victory

  3. zero says:

    The corrupt don’t fear you. The have control and the power and everything you have belongs to them. They can kill you if they want. People are naive to think that just by gathering on the streets will make the government change their plans. Not in the US.

    It’s so funny to see a person, obviously a 4chan frequent to speak about honesty and heroism. The website that propagates violence, child molesting and all sorts of sexual perversions in addition to hacking and identity thefts cannot advocate for justice and honesty for obvious reasons. It’s called double standards.

    Do we really want such people to decide upon the country’s future.? I personally wouldn’t.

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