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99 Percent Unemployed With Advanced Degrees

99 Percent Cancer And Health Care

99 Percent Choosing Between Health Care Food and Rent

99 Percent Mortgage

99 Percent Cannot Afford College For Children

99 Percent Is Pissed

99 Percent Youth Unemployment

99 Percent Occupy The World

99 Percent Working Mother


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  1. Some of the “99%” are in real trouble , but there are plenty out there causing trouble. CEO’S AND SENIOR LEADERSHIP should NEVER NEVER get a bonus if they lay off people in order to their sales goals for the year. If Companies would choose quality of quantity, people would by their products. These companies ( leadership) that crap on their employees, get theirs in the end. There are a couple of HVAC manufacturers who are suffering now, because they screwed their employees 4 or 5 years ago. They lay people off to keep their bonuses. Right Dave?? it’s easy to stop a train, with a very Goood man.

  2. Common Sense says:

    I work for a living, understand economics are not a friendly business, and do no whine about business decisions. If I lose my job, I will work that much harder to get a new one. I started with nothing, now I have something. STOP COMPLAINING AND MAKE SOMETHING OF YOUR LIFE. No one else can, you have to do this yourself.

    • Guy says:

      As my sign says, I had a job. I was working two when I was diagnosed. Your sentiments are out of place.

    • sees says:

      you make it all sound pretty simple. life isn’t always that simple. you probably had shit handed right to your ass judging by your comments. anyone who posts that 53% bullshit is probably the same type of asshole.

  3. WebGuy says:

    You know what folks. LIFE IS HARD. Sometimes bad shit happens. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Does that mean the government should solve your problems? NO!! American’s have been knocked down before. The difference between Americans and the rest of the world is when you knock us down, we GET BACK UP.

    Stop whining and CREATE YOUR OWN WEALTH. I did it. I am no genius. I am not special. I am just like everyone else with one exception. When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade.

  4. Uncle B says:

    Socialist governments do so work! Canadians get health care if they can prove Canadian citizenship – working, not working, rich, poor, regardless of race color creed. Even the Street people, washed up rehabilitated and set free again. Americans cannot afford their government, bully to the world. American cannot afford those fancy-ass photos of the universe. Americans cannot afford a “Space Program” . Americans can afford Solar, Wind, Wave,Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal all domestic energy sources, all clean, all electrical in expression, all renewable, perpetual, or eternal. America needs to read and realize that humanocidal poisons come from Uranium fission and it must be stopped. Similarly they must realize that Thorium fusion yields more, cleaner, heat energy without the humanocidal poisons, and yields smaller amounts of far less dangerous far less toxic, safe after three hundred years wastes.
    Had the $650 Billions + spent on the Iraq fiasco been spent on conventional Solar Thermal electric plants in the South Western U.S.A., Americans today would have the domestic energy to compete, be able to produce well priced products on world markets and compete on a level playing field with Asians.

  5. Guy says:

    Thanks for sharing my picture

  6. tired of the whiners says:

    If you took an ARM or percentage only loan on a minimum income, you’re a dumbass….not part of the 51% (the parasites). If you mortgaged and borrowed yourself to the hilt….you’re the problem. Blame starts in the mirror.

    You base your finances on what you can afford…NOT what you WANT. You GD people are fvcking incredible. Whine and blame. My wife has MS now. We make $85K less than 4 years ago. We survived because we are responsible and look to OURSELVES as our own providers. YOUR primary responsibility damned sure isn’t looking for other people to pay the taxes to help support you. Alas, the country has chosen a different direction. I will now LAY OFF the whiners and slackers. I will now only give my people 30 hours instead of 40 because of Obamacare. I will no longer sink my money into the company for a bunch of whining POS with their hand out like I owe them something. Fvck you…and you…and YOU.

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