The 20 Best Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip Tweets

GS Elevator Gossip

Believe it or not, Twitter actually can be good for something beyond revealing in 140 characters or less which of your friends needs to get out more. Case in point: Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip. Blurring the line between the hilariously farcical and scarily factual, no one knows for sure if the blog’s submissions are true or not. And for that matter, no one really knows the man responsible for the blog, either, beyond the fact that he does work for Goldman. But sometimes there’s more truth in fiction, and if these cynical, steeped-in-gilded-greed conversations tell us anything, it’s that no amount of recession can kill corporate megalomania. Might as well laugh about it?

GS Elevator Gossip Tux

GS Elevator Gossip Mortgages

GS Elevator Gossip Starbucks

GS Elevator Gossip Rosa Parks

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If Minimum Wage Kept Up With The One Percent’s Gains

Minimum Wage One Percent

And yet, we can’t even debate a less-than $2 increase. Congress’s priorities are clear.



The Good Ole American-Western European Values Gap

American Rally

A tendency toward the militaristic. An obsession with the individual and a phobia of the state. Sometimes, as The Pew Research Center shows, stereotypes on American values are true. Survey conductors randomly sampled 1,000 individuals from each country included in the study (and there are five of them); and the results are quite compelling:




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The Nonviolent Inmates Overfilling Our Prisons

Federal Prison Capacity

Add to this the fact that many cops are effectively incentivized to make as many arrests as possible a month–and it’s a lot easier to handcuff a man for nonviolent drug crimes than it is to crack down on violent, life-ending ones–and you’ve got one bitter and bottomless cocktail that disproportionately impacts minorities and the poor. Drug abuse is a symptom of a larger set of problems–namely poverty and systemic segregation–not the cause.

If you want to learn about the failed (or pending how much money and DC-influence you desire, “successful”) drug war, be sure to watch Eugene Jarecki’s “The House I Live In”. Check out the trailer below:



Dwight Eisenhower, The Last Republican

Eisenhower Last Republican

Jeb Bush has said it; even Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected in today’s GOP. Ike, one of the party’s most successful members, would likely suffer a political stoning.


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