Poverty And War

War Poverty Costs

Unfortunately for those in need, it’s hard for the military-industrial complex to profit off of poverty–at least domestically.



John Kerry, Secretary Of Awkward

Secretary Of Awkward Breaking Bad

We all remember John Kerry as the first man to lose to George W. Bush in a presidential election and make some Republicans boycott ketchup. And in a few years, we’ll probably remember him as the man who merely carried through Obama’s situational, “lead from behind” diplomacy while Hillary prepped for her successful 2016 presidential run. But today, we remember him for being awkward. (NB: the above image is obviously photoshopped, though we wish it weren’t.)

John Kerry, Compadre Of Diversity

Secretary Awkward Black Power

John Kerry, Budding Athlete

Secretary Awkward Football

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The Hypocrisy Of Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre Unstable

But c’mon, it’s not like we didn’t see that one coming.



Mapping Out Paid Maternity Leave

Paid Maternity Leave

A few more unfortunate pieces of information re: gender discrimination: Women now comprise the majority of the American workforce, hold 60% of degrees given from American and European institutions, make or influence 80% of consumer spending decisions and yet make 13 to 23% less than their male counterparts.



The Unhinged GOP

Unhinged Comic

Because why negotiate when you can just drop metaphorical bombs on social safety nets?


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