How To Make Social Security Solvent Forever

Social Security Tax Structure

It unfortunately requires a Congress who works for people, not plutocrats, to make this happen.



A Fascinating Look Inside Amazon’s Warehouses

Inside Amazon's Warehouses

Amazon, quickly becoming the largest retailer in the world, has some of the largest storage and shipping warehouses on the planet. Through a process known as chaos storage, Amazon warehouse employees put new goods onto the closest empty shelf and then record a unique bar code for both the shelf and the good. The result is the beautiful organized chaos of Amazon’s warehouses:

Inside Amazons Warehouses

Amazons Warehouses

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God Save The Twinkie

Save The Twinkie

If the ozone layer were made of sugar, fat and additives, Americans would be paving the way to maintain it.

Source: Political Humor



Defining Secessionists

Secede Spellings

With all those southern states out of the Union, just imagine how much fiercer Scripps’ National Spelling Bee will be. Or should I say ‘feircer’.



Obama’s Latest Display Of Anti-Americanism

Obama Buddhist

Could be even worse than being a Muslim. After all, there aren’t any radical sects within it that can be used for fear mongering purposes.


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