Got some hot nerd action from reddit:

* Getting rid of X
I’ve been trying to use more keyboard and less mouse, and this is a pretty interesting look at an extreme solution. I’m planning on trying out i3 instead of metacity as my WM in Ubuntu, but I haven’t found the time to play around with it. Work has been busy so maybe not for a while.

* DNA as seen by a computer programmer
Basically if you are a computer programmer interested in how humans work, this is a really interesting/exciting look at the building blocks that make up life.

* Nerve cells from skin cells
One of my friends works on figuring out how stem cells turn into a specific type of nerve cell. The idea that spinal cord injuries may someday be a thing of the past is pretty exciting.

* Drones could be grounded
Defective software means drones miss a lot, maybe into innocent people. WTG USA!

* People forget that Obama cut taxes
It’s funny to me that there is this myth of Obama as a socialist president. He’s pretty moderate to conservative all things considered. I guess the rest of America is basically borderline fascist and so a moderate looks radical in comparison.


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