Finite Growth

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  1. Trinifar says:

    Like any blogger I generally like getting trackbacks and pingbacks. But it is a little odd to find my post reproduced verbatim on another blog without anyone contacting me. I do appreciate you linked to my blog, but right under the title “Finite Growth” is says “Written by Link of the Day.” If you change that to “copied and pasted here by Link of the Day” it would be far more accurate — still in violation of every notion of copyright, but more accurate.

    If you wish to be within the law (and common ethics), you could write a short synopis and link to me.

  2. alec says:

    There, quickly fixed! 🙂

  3. Trinifar says:

    Sorry, alec, you still don’t get it. I don’t mind if you use your blog to insult me — that’s just free speech. What I mind is that you have reproduced my post word-for-word without asking permission — that’s just theft.

  4. Trinifar says:

    Thanks for removing the post, alec. I really appreciate that. And as for the picture you replaced it with, wow, it’s like you are channeling the title I gave original post on my blog. Shows a level of maturity I didn’t expect.

  5. alec says:

    No problem. We may be immature but we certainly aren’t dumb enough to get so sacred on the internet. I think you may be too old to use computers.

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