NPR Funding Versus Iraq & Afghanistan

NPR annual funding from the US Government: ~ $14 million (Source: CBS News)

The cost of Iraq and Afghanistan War in 2011: $192.3 billion (Source: US Department of Defense)

Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan cost 527 million dollars a day. Annual funding to NPR is the equivalent of 38 minutes of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Long story short, this is everything wrong with America.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that there is a lot wrong with this picture, but at the same time we cannot punish the American military service members for doing their job. The US military is a costly endeavor as is any military that protects one of the largest more powerful countries in the world. If you like your Starbucks and your Prius then suck it up so you still have gas to put in it. Americans feel so entitled to a certain type of life but they don’t want to have to pay the price for that. Most Americans would flip out if they had to pay the prices for some basic luxuries that other countries pay. It is all connected and it is all a mess.

  2. John M says:

    In other news, congress rejected an amendment which would terminate the Pentagon’s support of NASCAR. The Army spends $7 million/year (“and millions more”) in advertising.

    We live in odd times.

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