Is it Ok to Demand Anal Sex and other relevant facts

Aw snaps, news to make you blue is back. And there’s no better way to start the gravy train of depressing news going again then with an image of a train going into someone’s caboose (ha! triple entendre):

anal sex

Details magazine asks the important question: Is it Ok to Demand Anal Sex? Of course not! And even more importantly, when you can bust out the question (some say the first date!) of backdoor penetration. I don’t know what guy on this planet demands anal sex at the end of the first date, let alone normal vaginal pounding. Usually my relaxed nature tells me “just pull it out and start jerking it when you drop her off”, but then I think more prudently and hold off on that magic for the second date.

I’m about 2 months behind the ball with this article, but hey, at least hey were right! Frida Ghitis of World Politics Review documents the Unreported Chaos in the Palestinian Territories. And while you’re busy at home, waiting for Cheney/Bush to save you from the hordes of brown people waiting to blow up your freedoms, the good reality is a new Pew poll declares Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream. But how are you supposed to sell huge government contracts on moderation?

Me? I’m barely American. I mean, my family has been here since we’ve been throwing small pox infested blankets on the natives, but I’m really French underneath it all. It’s like being a wigger, but smellier and constantly full of cheese. Anyway, the Times says that unlike us, the French do it all wrong but still get life so right.


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  1. Avedon says:

    Actually, that picture looks to me like the train’s heading for the other side.

  2. AlvinBlah says:

    Ride the poo-choo express straight to brown town.

    I’m talking about sex.

    In the butt.

  3. anna anal says:

    i love anal sex i hava it today 6

  4. Anonymous says:

    anal sex is fun

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