Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers An Evil Man

Mr. Rogers The Downfall Of America

Little did I know, Mr. Rogers was an evil man. By telling children they’re special just for being who they are, he helped create this generation of worthless, lazy socialists who think they’re entitled to health care… at least according to Fox News.

They actually use the word “evil” to describe Mr. Rogers and criticize him for his “optimistic message where everyone was special even if they didn’t deserve it”, which is “ruining kids with a sense of entitlement.” Then one of them starts babbling about how children should go back to churning butter and making their own sweaters. Fox’s Brian Kilmeade said “that man unintentionally did a whole generation or two a disservice.” Only on Fox could a man who spent his life dedicated to public service and education be blamed for ruining generations of Americans.

And if you are interested in the ‘study’ done by the LSU professor referenced when Fox News calls Mr. Rogers an evil man, it’s available at the Wall Street Journal: Blame It on Mr. Rogers: Why Young Adults Feel So Entitled.



I’m More Of A Donkey Lips Person Myself

Remember that episode of Salute Your Shorts where Sponge and that greasy new guy ran a newspaper? They were bloggers. That’s what a blog is, except it’s on the Internet and somehow more pathetic than that one from the show.

Something Awful on the Gizmodo/iPhone 4G Controversy

Addnedum: This was the referenced episode of Salute Your Shorts: Pinskey and Sponge start a camp newspaper. While Sponge is writing actual news stories, Pinskey starts a gossip column, which soon becomes very popular. When he writes that Telly may have cheated at a recent sports event, it starts to get everyone into trouble.



The 25 Best Simpsons Quotes, Moments, And General Hilarity

Simpsons Hippity Hop

After devoutly watching the Simpson’s for 20 years, I thought I’d share my favorite 25 Simpsons quotes, scenes and other miscellany hiliarity from the history of the show. The majority of the quotes from seasons 5-10, but feel free to add your own in the comments (and perhaps I’ll expand it to 50 if a lot more get added!).

1. Bill Cosby explains ‘the rap music’ and kids, all while including all his favorite corporate sponsors:

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I Have Become Everything I Hate

Judge accordingly:

PS. I was listening to Animal Collective during this photo.



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