Coca Cola Consumption Per Capita

The astounding amount of Coca Cola consumed in the United States compared to the rest of the world:

International Per Capita Coca Cola Consumption Graph

In the United States, an average person drinks 412 8-ounce drinks — or 3296 ounces — of Coke per year. This calculates to 39964 calories consumed per year by every American, or the equivalent of 20 days of recommended caloric intake in Coke alone. Coke soda represents 5% of recommended caloric intake for the average American.

In comparison, the average global citizens consumes 85 8-ounce Coca Cola a year, the equivalent of 680 ounces or 8245 calories consumed in Coke per year.

Below is a graph detailing the trends in beverage and soda consumption in the United States:

American Beverage And Coca Cola Consumption Graph


For more data on the subject, check out Coca-Cola’s information on global per capita consumption of Coke.



Daddy, How Do I Become A Democratic Senator?


[Via Political Irony, Political Life of Compromise]

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And The Award For Not Being George Bush Goes To…

You heard it first last from the on the ball folks at PBH, Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize! Some of the highlights of his administration include:

    * The continuation of occupation of Iraq
    * The targeting of civilians in Afghanistan
    * The unconditional support of systematic ethnic cleansing in Palestine

This is peace that would make from Nobel Peace Prize winner Harry Kissinger proud!

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Spot The Brooklyn PBHipsters, Part Bleux

We fux with Brooklyn.



Out-Hipstered On Our Own Turf

Myrtle Avenue Clinton Hill Hipsters

Spotted on Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill by the PBH team. How dare you bring that shit in our neighborhood!

PS. Click here to see authentic PBHipsters in action.


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