Missed Connections as Art

The NYT has an article about artist Sophie Blackall and her blog doing illustrations for Missed Connections. The art is good and the topic is hot, all in all a good job. Here are some examples of her work:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Look: historically, I’m not a morning person. And to top it off, I was grimacing through some lower back pain that flowered over the weekend. So when you noticed me (white guy, brown hair, blue/white striped shirt, earphones, red book) and I noticed you (white girl, brown hair, nosering, headphones, blue book) for however brief a moment this morning, it was bolstering and made me forget the knife in my back. Haven’t noticed you before, but if there’s a next time, maybe I can slap myself out of the morning slumber and say hey. No promises, though.

Monday, August 17, 2009

– m4w – (greenpoint)
asked myself why the letter ‘n’ all night long, then you were gone before i got a chance to ask. also, i saved you a piece of cake.
do you always sit in a circle of asian girls? and sit at the top of the stairs so everyone gets a crush on you when they get to the roof?



Harry Potter and the Congressional Medal

The US of A, bastion of rational thought and scientific reasoning, denied JK Rowling a Medal of Freedom because Bush administration officials believed she “encouraged witchcraft”. While metaphorical witch hunts are par for the course, I didn’t realize that there were people who still believed in shit like that.

Bonus: Jesus says cut here for the win.



Emo Dog Is Emo





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Real Fucking Talk

Are you getting some mother-fucking pop-ups or redirects or that you need a virus scan bull shit from PBH? Real talk. If so, then fuck those mother fuckers and their broken ass ads. Real talk. Fuck you we’re coming back and shit we mean it this time. Real talk.



Party Like It’s 1939

“When the enemy slanders us, that is good. Because it proves that there is a clear line between them and us. When the enemy paints us in the blackest colors, that’s better. Because it shows that there is not only a clear distinction between them and us but also we have achieved a great deal in our work.”


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