The Obama Administration And Indefinite Detentions

Looks like I was onto something when I said the Obama’s administration is using the same legal justification as George Bush’s to detain ’suspected war criminals’. Remember when we elected Barack Obama on promises to end torture and close Guantanamo Bay, but then when Obama was elected, he decided it would be a lot easier to just keep pursuing Bush’s policies? Because I do:

The Obama administration said in court papers Friday that it intends to continue to detain an Afghan prisoner being held at Guantanamo Bay despite the fact that the only known evidence against him in a habaeas corpus lawsuit he filed against the government was obtained through torture.

Justice Department attorneys told a federal court judge last week it wasn’t going to rely upon that evidence to justify his indefinite imprisonment…

Read the entire article from The Public Record on the Obama administrations efforts to legally justify the indefinite detention of ‘terror suspects’, even if they have no evidence.

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Koala Bear Pictures Should Hold You Over

A Koala Bear escapes wildfires and 150 degree heat in the brush by sneaking into an Australians garage and taking a bath. Warning: Overwhelming cuteness below.

Koala Cute Pics


Koala Adorable Pictures Bathing in Water

By way of PBH2, The Cutest Koala Pictures

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Another Day Of Republican Racism

Barack Obama health care racist photo

This image was sent by David McKalip, a Florida neurosurgeon:

who serves as a member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates… He’s the chair of the Florida Taxpayers Union, the founder of Doctors For Patient Freedom, an anti-health-care-reform group, the president of the Florida Neurological Society, and an all-around anti-government activist.

He’s also an energetic conservative opponent of health-care reform. McKalip founded the anti-reform group Doctors For Patient Freedom, as well as what seems to be a now defunct group called Cut Taxes Now. Last month he joined GOP congressmen Tom Price and Phil Gingrey, among others, for a virtual town hall to warn about the coming “government takeover of medicine.” And in a recent anti-reform op-ed published in the St. Petersburg Times, McKalip wrote that “Congress wants to create larger, government-funded programs for health care and more bureaucracy that ration care and impose cookbook medicine. [via TPM & Gawker]

The photo features a photoshopped picture of Obama on the body of an African tribesmen with a hammer and sickle replacing the C in Obama Care. This may be racist, but then again, what do I know — I’m just a politically correct socialist.

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Headed down south

May be slow with the updates this week as I’m headed down South. Hopefully we will have the new design up by next week. Sniff you jerks later.



Financial Crime Statistics & Graph in the United States

Graph of Financial Crime and Fraud in the United States

Reported by the Economist, Financial Crime and Fraud committed from 1997 to 2008 in the United States.

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