The Republican Plan For America

The Republican Plan For America Political Cartoon

Well, at least they’re consistent.

Via Bill Schorr at

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  1. Tim says:

    “Their” — really?

  2. XIng SOo says:

    OK, makes pretty good sense to me dude.

  3. Alex says:

    Well, with the dems policies we won’t even have the military.

    • Chris says:

      Really I am currently serving in the Military and I see nothing with the Democrats policies that are weakening the US Armed Service. Please know what you are talking about before you repeat what Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, or O’Reily told you to think.

      • Kevin says:

        I call bullshit. I have been a marine for a solid 20 years son, and if it wasn’t for some conservative common sense, this land would be overrun by a bunch of pussies! Our forefathers fought for us to gain our freedom and you are doing your country a disservice if you don’t care to keep your freedom the federal government is slowly taking away.

        • Anonymous says:

          You do realize that the Marines are part of the Federal Government right?

        • Informed says:

          You’re not very bright are you?

        • Charlie says:

          Sorry to break it to you Kevin, but the military is apart of the federal government. And also, how dare you judge another soldier of our military just because he dissents from the kool aid you’ve been gulping. GOT IT?

        • Gruntastic says:

          Hey you boot, so… 20 years which means you joined the Corps during the first gulf-war… now you’re a 1st sgt or something. Let me tell YOU something, I served with 3/5 Kilo in Fallujah as a Saw Gunner… it’s your toolbag mentality that has lead you to believe that the the U.S. is taking away your freedoms? what ARE they taking anyways? Your just a boot moron.

        • Shellie says:

          Using cruse words to try to get your point across is not only offensive but it also shows your ignorance !I as a woman would appreciate it if you would at least try to learn the English language enough to come up with a better “put down ” than PUSSY !! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth ? Also calling someone “son” to try to assert you supposed authority over them makes me wounder what kind of man you truly are !
          This in my opinion is the biggest problem with The Right if you want me to listen to you ,than please speak to me with some respect and at least pretend like you have an education .

          • Chris says:

            And this is the biggest problem with the left:

            They assume that they are better educated than the right. You do realize that your party statistically has more trailer trash, assistance leeching, foul mouthed, poorly educated people don’t you?

            I’m not joking or saying this vengefully. Look it up. That’s where they get a lot of their support. People who don’t have an education, trying to get an education or a hand out. People who go pay check to pay check, over spend and under save, and don’t take care of themselves.

            Also: He can be as stupid as he damn well pleases. As usual, you as a democrat play the “holier than thou” routine, and judge a human on their “text book” smarts. I may as well start hating my puppy. He’s pretty dumb last time I checked. You dems need to quit hating everyone who doesn’t fit your image of the way someone should be. You need to stop labeling us. Also…If we are going to talk about talking smart…Being passive aggressive and implying your debater doesn’t have the right to debate with you unless he does so exactly to your code is AGAINST liberal ideals. Yeah, you heard me right. The “open minded” “diplomat” liberal left. Live up to your code. It also implies you are better than him. A problem you accused the right of. Projection is pretty typical in your party. I’m a right leaned independent raised in WA as a Catholic who supports tolerance. You don’t get much more diverse. And you my friend, are not tolerant. You give liberal a bad name.

            • Bach says:

              Calm down man. Nobody is personally attacking you. The lady was just asking for decent manners, and my mother always taught me to respect “ladies,” and do things for them to show it, like open doors.
              You said to “Look it up” and I did. According to every scientific study done so far, you are dead wrong.

              Here’s a bit from the write up in Time: “The short answer: Kanazawa’s paper shows that more-intelligent people are more likely to say they are liberal. They are also less likely to say they go to religious services. These aren’t entirely new findings; last year, for example, a British team found that kids with higher intelligence scores were more likely to grow into adults who vote for Liberal Democrats, even after the researchers controlled for socioeconomics.”

              Read more:,8599,1968042,00.html#ixzz11tcnKOuB

            • Bach says:

              Your premise holds no water. You say to liberals, “You need to stop labeling us. ” But you also used the following labels to try to make your false assertion: “trailer trash, assistance leeching, foul mouthed, poorly educated people” You can’t have it both ways. But if you insist on it, then others just see your words as hypocrisy.

              You also stated, “I’m a right leaned independent raised in WA as a Catholic who supports tolerance. You don’t get much more diverse.”

              So this is your version of diversity? That you are representative of the majority of whites and Christians? Wow! Really now? I don’ think that adds up. Let’s just try that out in a syllogism. It’s great fun.

              Major Premise: Christianity and the white race represent the majority.
              Minor Premise: Chris is Christian and white.
              Conclusion: Therefore, Chris represents diversity.

        • Anna C. Jensen says:

          Amen Kevin! Thanks for your service and no that their are civilians who love this country and want it strong again!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like we need a Libertarian!

      • Chris says:


        You’re a fool. Did I say I was Christian? I was raised in a Catholic house hold in Washington a liberal state. I am agnostic. Your “premise” bull is hardly a good attempt, and is a typical left argument.

        Since when was pointing out that a person labeled republicans a form of hypocrisy?

        Also, no I’m not wrong. There is a larger base of uneducated trailer trash receiving government hand outs that vote democrats than republican. Your study is irrelevant. Like most democrats you don’t know how to use facts. There are more people on the idiotic scale without an education on the left than the right. Look it up. There are more people on entitlement programs on the left than the right. Look it up. Your facts to do with “IQ’s” and democrats also leaves out the following piece of information: Schools and colleges lean left as well. My brother is a man with an IQ of 151, he’s worked on the haydron particle accelerator in switzerland. He is literally afraid, due to idiotic elitists, to state he believes in God in his post grad classes. That is a problem. His teacher refuses to take on students for internships who say they believe in God. That is a problem. It shows a PROBLEM with schools bias. However, my point still remains true: The democrat party is the party of low intelligence, hand out receiving, lowly educated people. And it remains a fact.

        • Chris says:


          In case you don’t understand why your fact didn’t disprove what I said: The number of people you compared were on the competitive high end. If you are too ignorant to understand why this may be a problem, then you really need to learn how to use statistics.

          Oooo, that democrat has slightly higher education scores!!

          Now…The only problem is that the democrat who is receiving government assistance, who are at poverty level, who also didn’t graduate highschool and are the “liberal” definition of “trailer trash” that is being applied to republicans, is not in your numbers. Idiot.

          (by the way my vulgar comments were all REFERENCE POINTS to what liberals label republicans and then APPLYING THEIR WORDS to their party, therefore I was not “LABELING” them, I was taking THEIR standards and applying it with a study)

          • Chris says:

            Never mind. I’ll make it simple. I realize I’m too angry with your idiotic party to make these in a way you would understand, I’m speaking like I would to myself because for someone with a 156 IQ it’s just obvious.

            Here’s why your numbers don’t work:

            We are comparing the low end of the score. Which party has the largest base of the low end is the question.

            You provided details (which by the way, I can provide details which state a higher percentage of business owners and people with high IQ’s are republican, which is a little more important than school test scores) which compared the HIGH END.

            You cannot use a HIGH END evaluation to compare the amount of LOW END. An interesting statistic: There are more men with the peak IQ’s than there are women with peak IQ’s. There are also more men with the peak low IQ’s than there are women with peak low IQ’s. Would you be dumb enough to use the peak high to compare the amount of the peak low?

            No. So…Are you just dumb…Or are you just that partisan?

            • Chris says:

              Ok so here we go…

              Which way do you want to cut it? Politicians themselves?

              Here’s one for that:

              To do with democrats knowledge with voting, which proves the voters are more idiotic and brainwashed with political issues:


              To do with income levels, as well as education (spelling out exactly what I said with highschool drop outs, which EVERYONE knows there are more highschool dropout democrats aka “trailer trash” when democrats talk about republicans)


              To do with Christians, my biggest problem with democrat idiots (now I follow that up with idiots because not all democrats are idiots, I’m referring to the idiots right now, and the norm) is that they say the Christian comment as if that makes a conservative more biased or worse in some way. Well, here’s a statistic for that, which shows that people who support Christian ideals are pretty much more giving:


              Yet you hear about us being the party of greed. We are the higher intellect party, less drop outs, we are not trailer trash, we are not racist. We are a giving party, largely due to christian base.

              All facts. Not opinions. What offends me, and why I hate your party…Is that you know NONE of what I just wrote. You USE statistics to manipulate the people, mainly for popularity, and for appearing “smart” when you couldn’t think for yourself to save your own life. It’s all about “how good does my argument look???” “how can I make it look like he’s a worse human than I am?” (which is why I got angry with that girl…THAT IS WHAT SHE DID IT WAS NOT ABOUT RESPECT IT WAS ABOUT A WAY TO DOMINATE ANOTHER HUMAN FOR BEING HUMAN.)

              While our party is about: How can I help that person? What is right and wrong?

  4. La vignetta says:

    […] da prosebeforehos […]

  5. social news says:

    That sounds about right!

  6. tivo says:

    really stupid.

  7. blackHat says:

    Because, of course, the military operates with the efficiency of an oiled-to-frictionless timepiece. Absolutely no trace of bureaucratic waste there…not a trace…

  8. joeblow says:

    Good thing we have VOLUNTEER military that also rewards our veterans.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Freedom and Security are always essential components in ensuring a good economy. Anyone with half a brain knows that. If you think otherwise take a look at distressed nations, you’ll see.

  10. Anon says:

    smells like alot of butthurt in here

  11. Jim (a Republican) says:

    All Poloticialns should go back to school and learn about the Constitution and that it shouldn’t be changed at least most things I think

  12. Democrat #1: “Why do Ron Paul supporters keep calling warmongering Republicans R.I.N.O.s?”
    Democrat #2: “I don’t know what the fuck a R.I.N.O. is, so you shouldn’t ask me.”
    Democrat #1: “Dammit… Can you tell me what Crony Capitalism is?
    Democrat #2: “Sorry, I’m an ignoramus Democrat, just like you.”
    Democrat #1: “Stop attacking me — racist!”
    Democrat #2: “I’m not a fucking racist! I’m half black, half white, and half Hawaiian!”
    Democrat #1: “Please, can you stop cussing? It’s disrespectful, and you’ll scare my pet unicorns.”
    Democrat#2: “Sorry, I don’t give a fuck. I’m a Democrat and I perpetuate unconstitutional wars, bitch!”

  13. Bored says:

    I think it’s time to masturbate!

  14. peace time says:

    Republican = War

    Democrat = Peace

    Tea Party = Minority trying to tell the Majority what to do with their own lives.

    Tea Party = Poor Republicans fighting for tax cuts for the Rich. The Rich people(earn over $200,000 a year in wages) that refuse to pay a, combined, 35 Billion dollars a year in taxes. Meanwhile poor Republicans do whatever their slave Masters at Faux tell them to do, even though it is based on fake Faux information.

  15. tom- a middle class american. says:

    wow, moonbats allways want the outdated hippie dream. but the real world does not believe in socialism, its all bullshit. just like the ultimate liberal hipacryte, john lennon, when he wrote the line imagine no posesions, that must have been real tough for him to think of riding around in the back of his rolls royce. moonbats dont mind spending money that belongs to the middle class, but god forbid, if you make a moonbat spend thier own money.why is it allways demacrats that cheat on their taxes,force their warped view of morality on others,and that we should pay for every dead beat who will not take care of themselves.

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