Libertarians In Heaven

Libertarians Heaven

Another “invisible hand” is responsible for determining the number of people who go to heaven, and shockingly enough there’s no scarcity in space. WEIRD.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER (but god) says:

    a while back mom said as we were walking down the street, to go in and see the movie. she said. you know these things are seen and felt in heaven, we can’t fit a flat screen t.v. so! lets go !
    yup! it was whitezilla. mom was asking me several questions about my topics; like when are you going to post the things about. the trip to the airport, and saw your grandmother reading the signs as you walked and rode your bicycle, and music playing along the way, that you did a few months ago, and wrote to perfection with the people moving around you and not knowing they were right where they were supposed to be even if it were to lead to there death. the cars were actually playing the songs as they passed, and training the crew. i said, i know, i haven’t seen the right signs yet and benny keeps interrupting. and what about the padlock that you said you would buy with a certain combination in two o two. i said it is supposed start wearing out (prematurely) soon (today) so, i will do it in a week or so, because gov christie does not know that he was supposed to be arrested … he does not know the church will go underground. and the church said: they will be killed before they will stop preaching about god, and there will be no deal!

    even though i saw the sign that said, “but god” on the way in today. the church wants me to live in squalor. “i am doing like the bible says!” so they can’t change the truth, and say i didn’t know. they all claim to be children of god. and “JESUS CHRIST brothers and sisters. there are none!
    so the failure falls on the antichrist. i have lived in squalor for about fifty years, with some good years while doing my studies on business and read the signs along the way.

    yeah! were using satan as a relay to god through benny, untill benny hinn is dead and god is set free. then both benny and satan will go to hell automaticly, it is translated from the king james version.
    satan said, God! lets go have some fun, and get some coffee. i like it just like you like do, And by the way! I want some beady eyes and stuff. benny didn’t tell his wife yet, that the family will be tied to satan in hell for ever, even though benny was told to do so by everybody and he remarried her in the place that was supposed to be closed years ago.
    so, it’s coffee time, and don’t die till tomorrow if you went to church. because …
    (they didn’t pay me for the license plate either, but the preacher got the tithes)

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