The Best (And Worst) Angry Reactions To Obama’s Re-Election

Election 2012 Reactions

Whew, thank God this one’s over. Or is it? As should be common knowledge by now, Obama soundly won yesterday’s presidential election and the rest of the world was finally able to exhale. But to many freedom loving, socialism fearing, freeloader loathing Repubs, the battle — or revolution if you’re Donald Trump — has only just begun. From the hilariously histrionic to the depressingly daft, here are some of the best and worst election reactions the web has to offer.

Tuesday night on Twitter: Canada, Australia, Pure Incompetence

I Is Hell Tweet

The great and terrible thing about Twitter is that it doesn’t really require too much critical thinking to gain a following. Add to that some livid, fast-thumbing conservatives who think that the recipe for their post-election repair is to leave Obama’s “socialist” nation for one with socialized healthcare and you’ve got some rich reading material.

Tim Tebow Obama

Obamaphone Parasites

Important Election Mayan Calendar

No Violence At Speech

Failed Moderate Gambit Tweet

Loading Up On Freedom

Moving To Australia Tweet

God's Fire Tweet

Gentleman Romney

Self Destructing Ideologies

Moving To Canada Tweet

And a witty retort:

Moving To Canada Response


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  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Perhaps worse was the Riot by the Pasty University of Mississippi Students, blocking traffic and burning Obama signs until the Police had to stop their Mob Action.

  2. foog says:

    I know it’s the interwebz and fact checking is too old school for bloggers, but still… I’m just a lay nobody and detect at least 3 parody accounts up above in your montage of outrageous right wing tweets. There are enough genuine creepy, racist, wingnutty celebs and pundits out there. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.

  3. DeSwiss says:

    As for the conservatards: ”Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.” ~Eric Hoffer

    As for Duluth, this ain’t the first time:

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