The Best of the Web: Election Edition


“It’s the death of democracy! The world has gone mad! RIP Romney: Never our President, Forever in Our Hearts!” The tumblr “White People Mourning Romney” sprung up fairly soon after President Obama was confirmed the winner of the election, and boy is it telling.

4. 26 Lives That Changed Forever on Tuesday


Through all the dramatic reactions to the Presidential election, Buzzfeed kindly reminded us of one of the most important outcomes of the day: four separate states chose to legalize gay marriage!

3. President Obama’s Adorable Tweet


There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this adorable tweet/Instagram from President Obama’s official Twitter account since it got retweeted SO MANY times. But seriously, isn’t it the cutest?

2. Rachel Maddow on Obama’s Re-Election

1. Obama’s Divided Nation


Maybe printing in color would have been a better choice. (In one of our favorite comments, redditor rienderien says – “Now I know why my dog is unimpressed by pie charts.”)


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