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No cheating or swindling? How barbaric.


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  1. Wuss^timmy says:

    Saying no delinquents existed at all in the society seems preposterous, i don’t believe it it is a silly and baseless commetn for which the entirety of the point is lost with out it.

  2. americanfear says:

    they also lived in tents and had no technology. you know why? no property rights

  3. Andy says:

    They also didn’t have a population of over 314 million. All those things are absolutely necessary in today’s world.

  4. Fuck failed cultures says:

    Except for all the cannibalism, slavery, famine and endless war, it was great!

  5. Think Magazine says:

    Before the white man came, they didn’t have horses either….

  6. RJ Charno says:

    The united Iroquois nations actually did have a written code of law, and the laws were first recorded and transmitted not in written language, but by means of wampum, symbols that conveyed meaning. Also i know for a fact that the Natives used a barter system that took some materials and whoever you were trading with into count and made the item worth more or less, so basically it was an economy without the coins.

  7. utter and complete bullshit

  8. jtre says:

    Hate everything that makes you look within.

  9. tesmith47 says:

    there is no justice, and no god to enforce any kind of justice., us hummans have to start using our brains for something other than killing and stealing from each other

    in a way that is the lesson europeans have taught the world

  10. Baal Pteor says:

    completely misleading, simplistic and just plain wrong.

  11. Matt Sowersbry says:

    I’ll bet my LIFE that some of the Iroquois were real assholes. The only place on this earth that has no assholes in it is an island in the South Pacific called ‘Shitbird Island’ (I saw it on David Attenboroughs’ documentary ‘South Pacific’) and all of THOSE douchbags are just a bunch of shitbirds anyway so in the end it equates to pretty much the same thing.

  12. Realist says:

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

  13. phvalue323 . says:

    Any attempt for humans to say that their version of existence is less or more human than anothers is the same as one truth over another. The conflict is childish and requires a universal synthesis. Recognizing we are one race, one species, one body, a new paradigm of We, rather than I me me, may form.

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