Homoerotic Necessities

From Kids in the Hall – Brain Candy:

Drill sergeant: You… are… scum! Do you hear me soldier?
Wally: Yes, sir!
Drill sergeant: Do you know what we are going to be doing today?
Wally: No, sir!
Drill sergeant: We are going to be doing push-ups all day, you and me, all day!
[Wally smiles]
Drill sergeant: Do you think that’s funny soldier?
Wally: No, sir!
Drill sergeant: Well, just for that, you are going to be doing those push-ups with me lying on your back! You are going to discover muscles, you never knew you had! Big… muscles, hard… muscles!
Wally: Oh, yesss, sir!

Quickly followed by:

[Wally’s squad is watching naked men shower]
Drill sergeant: [to Wally] You go over there and Fuck ’em. We’ll stay here and Masturbate. Go, go, go!


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