Well Said, Anonymous Internet Commentator

I wish a person were only intelligent enough to both have a religion if it’s important to himself and his community, but having the fucking discernment to understand that the power elite outside of his community needs to play religious distortion in order to get him and his community’s resources thieved for a completely non-religious purpose.

Religion does keep people grounded and is human heritage and has a real state when it’s not tainted by power structure. This is like so many other things, that are pure before extra-community power distorts it.

You could say “well, what if some stupid community has a religion that’s totally fucked up and a few guys are sitting around abusing everything and making a dark backwoods Hellscape of life?” Well, that goes back to the argument that a man is not capable of recognizing justice unless a supra-community, a state power structure is there to shepard communities to perceive the structure’s “religion.” At that point everything is over.

– Procopius, commenting on Liberty Papers: Religious Freedom Is What Makes America.


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