Voltaire On Who Rules You

Voltaire Quote On Who Rules You

Want to find out who really rules over you? Find out who you can’t criticize.


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  1. Ilir Deebran says:

    Don’t be afraid to criticize standard economics. A new theory has been released. It’s impossible to understand the living standards without having a better understanding of economic growth. Alex Gheg has a new consumer theory that gives us a scale for growth that measures previously hidden thoughts. We can measure utility growth. Quantity, quality, variety and convenience in one equation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6tFLGpcOpE

  2. geezer says:

    Jews, Israelis, Zionists — the minute you criticize them, you are vilified as an anti-Semitic or Holocaust denier.

    • Paul says:

      I am not sure that’s relevant because when you put forth that criticism others that are supporters of that particular group will side against you. Same thing if you criticize any other faction (religious, race, body type, sexual orientation, etc). Try going to Russia and criticize Vladimir Putin and see if you get thrown in jail or try wearing a cross necklace in Mecca. Those would be better examples.

    • Kevin O'Connor says:

      In almost case when someone criticizes Israel they are first called a anti-semitic which deflects a serious look at the human rights violations Israel is guilty of, esp under Netanyahu

    • Cirric Fylenco says:

      This is so much on point that you will get people who automatically refute you as a kneejerk reaction. The Jews really know their stuff don’t they?

  3. Just a gentile says:

    Anyone who refuses to acknowledge and/or discuss Jewish influence in the worlds of finance, politics and popular culture is either brainwashed, controlled opposition or complicit. http://anti-nwo.com – Peace, Love, Truth, Freedom!

    • Michael Anderson says:

      If the Jews as a race did not excel then there would be some other at the top. Would they then hate that race? Yes.

      • Pack LaPorte says:

        I got here just trying to find an image of the above quote, but I couldn’t leave the Jewish question alone…

        Define “excel”. They do well enough in professions they came to dominate a long time ago, but that’s about it. A Jewish lawyer, doctor, academic, etc. is always going to find themselves before any number of other Jews when it comes down to the question of their admittance to the practice, business, or even profession.

        Are Jews oppressed, even in Israel itself? If they are so exceptional, why do they control the most powerful lobby in Washington, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars every election cycle just to ensure that the gravy train carrying billions in foreign aid departs our shores for theirs every year.

        If they are generally, self-evidently superior, why can they not even support and defend themselves in their own land?

        Look at Forbes’ list of Billionaires: http://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/ .

        Look at the column on the right-hand side labeled “Source”. For virtually every Goy, there is at least one globally-known brand, or commodities (“mining”, “oil”, etc.) For almost every Jew (I only say “almost” to make sure I don’t fail to include any who I haven’t identified as Jews by name or personal knowledge – I don’t intend to research every individual with a potentially suspect name or features), it’s “hedge funds”, “investments”, “leveraged buyouts” – hell, Adelson’s casinos are there front and center – always something that comes down not to actually producing anything, but manipulating other people’s money.

        I have seen you, in particular, Mr. Anderson comment intelligently – indeed, passionately – elsewhere on the issue of illegal immigration. This page should be of great interest to you re: the Jew as he pertains to that issue: http://balder.org/judea/Hate-Speech-Laws-Immigration-Jewish-Influence-USA.php

      • Cirric Fylenco says:

        I just wish, if the Jews are going to be on top, that they didn’t hate white Christians so much. Couldn’t they just lead the way, rather than conspire to drag us down?

  4. Well, we can criticize ourselves and the government and corporations so I guess this is good news then.

  5. K Brown says:

    Well, there are a bunch of food libel laws, I think that absolutely is the direction that more and more industries are going towards. If you think corporations are allowing you to speak out, look at how much money they’re paying to politicians to change that.

  6. Craig King says:

    We have hate speech laws about Muslims, blacks, women, paraplegics, mentally handicapped and Pakistanis. We are ruled by lots of people it would seem.

  7. Constance says:

    Jewish girl exposes
    Israel, disrupts Netanyahu during congress, and is tackled by AIPAC


    Jewish guy speaks:

    When Israel Is
    Mighty (The Jewish holy bible, The Talmud– the real one hiding behind the Torah
    etc explained by a Jew/Pharisee – same same)

    Torat Hamelech (King’s Torah) which tells that you can kill children


    Brendon O’Connell finally released from Prison (after 3
    years for arguing with a Jew)



    Brendon O’Connell
    hate crime video FULL Part 2 of 2



    Manson provides insight into the Jewish mentality


    Manson Exposes Illuminati Methods



    Netanyahu & The Soulless Children of Cain



    Soldier Speaks Out against Zionist Israel War Crimes (BBC)


    is a threat to America, not Iran. United States will go to war with Israel







    http:// One of many sources:


    Iceland Boycotts Israel


    Elvis Costello Boycotts Israel


    Artists Boycott Israel




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