Thomas Jefferson On The End Of American Democracy

Thomas Jefferson Quote On The End Of American Democracy


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  1. foog says:

    Where and when exactly did Jefferson say this?

    I really hate when there is no specific work cited. Makes my spidey senses tingle. I tried to track down an exact source but the closest I got was some Noam Chomsky paraphrasing of somethingoranother Jefferson once said. Anyone have better luck?

    P.S. Shame on you prosebeforehos folks, I expect more from you!

      • douglas says:

        actually Alec, your link says that no proof of that quote has been found in any of Jefferson’s writings, and that it may be an amalgam of one of his other quotes.

      • foog says:

        Thanks for finding the exact same arrow to Chomsky that I found, Alec. (It’s in the same link, but takes more than two seconds to get to, man)

        Meanwhile, could someone with some research chops and more than two seconds double check the source of the alleged quote? Or have we all moved on to posting things our Uncle Walt sends in his too-frequent group emails because, like, it has a picture with the quote and everything, and Walt wouldn’t lie, would he?

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