LulzRap: A Comprehensive Review Of An Underrated Genre

The Godfather of absurd rap, and perhaps the genre’s defining member, is R. Kelly. Already infamous for his micturition foibles (perhaps best portrayed in Dave Chappelle’s satirical masterpiece), R Kelly secured a place of unparalleled prominence with his 2005 release of “Trapped in the Closet”, R. Kelly’s 22 chapter Hip-Hopera, replete with philandering midgets hidden in kitchen cabinets.

Lesser known but still outstanding among Kelly’s hilarious repertoire are “Pregnant” and “Real Talk”, featured below for your enjoyment. The question has been posed of whether or not R. Kelly is trying to be funny. I think it’s evident that he knows what he’s doing, and is generous enough to produce videos that his audience can laugh at with him.

R. Kelly’s genius, production quality, and success earns him a category unto his own, but in considering the wealth of lulzrap on the internet another group emerges; one with less popularity and resources, and where the comedic intent is less clear.

“Smell Yo Dick” by Riskay is a little ditty that firmly establishes how street-forensics can help answer questions of fidelity through dick stank.

“Walmart” by Mr. Ghetto illuminates how Americans largest business has become increasingly a cultural center. Please enjoy:

My personal favorite is “Facebook” by my main man Bangs. “Facebook” dropped on August 3, 2010 and is an epic ballad of love blossoming over the internet.

Opening the realm of slightly uncomfortable ridiculousness is “Tickle My Vagina” by Queen of Vagina… it’s the dance move that’s the real problem here. As with many the others, this degenerate has many other similarly themed youtube videos for your consideration.

“Street Anthem” by Laz D is one that I debated whether or not to put up. Basically he’s the first downie rapper.


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