Six Incredible Videos Of Tornadoes In The South

Five Incredible Videos Of Tornado's In The South

Last week across the southern United States, a powerful weather system unleashed a myriad of tornadoes, many reaching the highest tornado designation of F-5. Over 300 people passed away during this outbreak in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia while whole towns were wiped off the map. Here are five astounding videos that capture the magnitude and destruction of lasts weeks weather:

A student at the University of Alabama catches a F5 tornado as it narrowly misses his dormitory.

A former Marine captures a tornado as it narrowly misses his own car in Wilson, NC.

In Philadelphia, Mississippi, a tornado passes within 100 yards of the videographers car.

A pair of residents in Tuscaloosa, Alabama follow an F5 tornado across town in their car.

Another incredible video of the F5 tornado that ripped across Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At one point, the tornado measured over a mile long.

Four first-hand videos from tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama captured by tornado chasers.

The aftermath. A helicopter flies over Tuscaloosa, Alabama after tornados and storms ripped through the city.


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  1. TheReviewer says:

    Some of those videos are way too close for comfort. Wow.

  2. Jen says:

    None of these are in Birmingham. This is the footage we shot of it traveling through downtown:

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