I Heart Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Thinking During Interview

Some key quotes: “This country will impeach a President for cheating on his wife, but we won’t impeach a President for lying to us and taking us to war where thousands are killed”

“The fear is coming from 9/11, the fear is coming from that attack and our government making us paranoid to make us think that some Muslim radical hiding behind every tree waiting to blow us up.”

“Why was no one fired [for 9/11]… Shouldn’t many be important people in this country be going to jail?”

Update — The Full Videos of the Jesse Ventura Interview with Al-Jazeera are available below:


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  2. Dave says:

    Sounds like Jesse took a few too many hits during his wrestling days.
    He sounds like a raving lunatic. Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he no longer has the right to speak out against the current Government.
    Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he has no choice but to wash his feet and pray to Allah five times a day or be put to death.

    • blake says:

      Dave, you’re a retard.

    • Anonymous says:

      America’s founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves after hearing you say “Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he no longer has the right to speak out against the current Government.”

      Get a grasp of history and real world events before spewing your opinion, Dave

    • john says:

      America’s founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves after hearing you say “Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he no longer has the right to speak out against the current Government.”

      Get a grasp of history and real world events before spewing your opinion, Dave

    • John says:

      Calling Dave a retard is putting in nicely. Dave sounds more like a mainstream media moron!

    • Andy says:

      Dave is clearly not an Idiot. He is someone that owns stock in defense contractors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dave, is that the name your muslim brothers told you to use as a disguise while in America ???? Speaking of raving lunitics, i’m sure you will have your forty virgins someday…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, Dave is a ratard.

    • Chris says:

      I second the above. Dave, you’re what’s wrong with America. Quite frankly I’m surprised you found this article, let alone figured out how to post a comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dave, dude you can’t be that stupid it isn’t possible. Jesse Ventura is a true Patriot, do you have any grasp of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Jesse Ventura= Hero …. Internet Dave= retard

    • U says:


      Jesse did for the people, to the people, and of the people.

      And as history repeats, from the most contraversal person, Jesus Crist, to Lincoln, Martin L. King, people like Jesse are just keep going to die over and over.

      As I also….

      From my experience, only if people think to forsee the future. Everyone, no matter what race, always reacts after someone dies.

      But I can’t blame them. Why? cuz they, just like me, have to eat. No money, no life. So what’s the choice?

      For those who will read this, just once, one day, or just few hours, disguise yourself as stinky homless street begger. And FIND A SAFE SPOT to hang around. Then count how many ppl gives you anything other than confusion and, comparasion.

      It’s been like this, it will be like this. Can it be broken? I think so. But I died too.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Um, Clinton wasn’t impeached for cheating on his wife. It was for lying under oath. People seem to forget that, but I’m surprised a Governor could.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, lying under oath about if he had a “sexual relationship” with Monica Blewinsky…

      I think what Jesse and many others are saying is that the question shouldn’t have even been asked. It’s the man’s private life. Personally, I could care less what he does on his own time.

      Do you always take everything so literal? Relax and unclench your butt cheeks dude.

    • John says:

      Wow are you the most literal person ever.

      He lied under oath about cheating on his wife.

      • Craig says:

        He was impeached for perjury, not for the purpose of the perjury.

        How would you feel if someone committed perjury in your civil case for reasons of vanity? Perjury is a serious offense.

        Ventura’s point still stands, but trivializing Clinton’s impeachment in that way does no good. If it were anyone else there would have been jail time.

      • Aaron says:

        I believe the point is that we impeached one President for lying, shouldn’t we have done the same for any other President who lies under oath?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lying under oath is what politicians (Dr. Paul excluded) do for a living.

    • Andy says:

      Jeremiah and some others are right. he was impeached for lying under oath about cheating on his wife. Does anyone remember the state of the Union addresses leading up to war with Iraq? A DOD person making a very convincing, but what turned out to be completely false presentation to the UN?

      Under this logic, if lying under oath about cheating on your wife gets you impeached, then shouldn’t lying to the American people in such a way that costs trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives, at minimum be considered treason, punishable by death? What about providing millions in federal money to people that appears to be our foreign enemies? What is the punishment for violating every principle established by the constitution?

      If lying about cheating on your wife should lead to impeachment, I think death by firing squad or hanging would actually be a mercy for the above crimes!

  4. alec says:

    Well, I think Jesse’s point was that Congress pursued a 3 year investigation of Bill Clinton for discrepancies in testimony about a BJ, but was somehow unable to investigate George Bush for manufacturing intelligence and misleading Congress into war.

    • Craig says:

      Except that Congress didn’t do anything of the sort. The investigation of Clinton ended up at him committing perjury regarding a “BJ” but it did not start there nor did it dwell on that subject for 3 years. The offense was perjury, not sexual indiscretion. No doubt the pursuit of Clinton was politically motivated, but a prosecutor *should* be expected to pursue crimes as they come up in investigation.

      There is no need to trivialize the Clinton situation to draw attention to the Bush one. Both are serious matters, one seems more clearly impeachable yet it was one that was not pursued. No surprise considering who controlled congress.

  5. Steve says:

    I think Jesse is one of the wisest persons in government. This guy cares about his
    country and it’s citizens.

  6. john maybar says:

    Jessie rocks it like a typhoon!
    He mostly hits the nail squarely.

    Product endorsements:
    GM- Out
    Northstar- Out
    Calloway- def maybe

  7. Anonymous says:

    at Dave:

    yes clinton got impeached because he lied under oath. . . about cheating on his wife

    no bush did NOT get impeached for going to war. . . about lying on WMD

    • Anonymous says:

      actually…neither of them were impeached……

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong. Impeachment == Executive official tried by Congress. Clinton was impeached but acquitted and not forced from office.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yup. Clinton was impeached, but was never convicted of a crime and the impeachment case was dropped.

          The tragedy is that our government launched an investigation that spanned several years and cost several hundred thousand dollars to investigate a bj in the oval office. The lying is irrelevant, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

          The rest of the world watched in awe as we turned something that goes on every day behind closed doors, into a political witch hunt.

          We became a joke in the international community, and further solidified their view of us after electing Bush for not one, but TWO terms. Even the Europeans knew how bad he was for the country, why didn’t we?

          Plus, Clinton cooperated with his investigation and even allowed himself sworn in. Bush on the other hand, refused to be sworn in or even officially investigated He said the 9/11 commission would ask him some informal questions and he would answer if he felt like it. Period.

          One president whose crime was ridiculously trivial, complied fully under oath and was impeached.

          Another president whose crimes were treasonous, refused to be investigated, refused to be sworn in, and passed law to prevent him and his cohorts from prosecution.

          The heinous crime gets deliberately shelved or swept under the rug.

          The trivial crime gets investigated for years, leads to an impeachment, and will ultimately help to define a president’s legacy. A deliberate smear on the legacy of one of the best presidents in American history.


  8. xpat says:

    People that still live in the U.S. need to wake up to what the government did to you. But, most of you will lay back and accept what they say like sheep.

  9. Glitch says:

    Dave, in regards to your comment “Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he no longer has the right to speak out against the current Government.”, I think that danger is much less likely now that the Bush/Cheney administration is over.

    George W. Bush’s grandfather was part of a plot to overthrow America’s democratic form of government and replace it with a fascist one (see http://coat.ncf.ca/our_magazine/links/53/53-index.html ). After his grandson, George W. Bush , had been office for a few years, I felt like the quote “that if fascism came to America it would come wrapped in the flag and whistling The Star Spangled Banner” was eerily prescient.

    And as for “Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he has no choice but to wash his feet and pray to Allah five times a day or be put to death.”, I certainly wouldn’t want to live in such a society, but nor would I wish to live in a Christian theocracy. I found the previous administrations’ efforts to weaken the boundaries between church and state that America’s founding fathers realized were vital for a free society, troubling. And its use of a “faith-based agenda” to reward political cronies a misuse of the state’s power to favor religious groups that supported the administration politically (see http://www.commondreams.org/news2008/0626-08.htm ).

    I’ve also been troubled by so many Americans’ willingness to trade freedoms hard-won by those who came before us for a promise of security. As Benjamin Franklin said at our nation’s inception, “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” and, in the end, they won’t have either.

    And as for the Clinton and Monica Lewisnky affair, it was really about sex. The Republican party tried many other tactics to weaken the Clinton administration. The only one that gained traction was the one involving sex; something to titillate the public and hold its interest. He lied about his sex life. I suppose tabloid journalism’s coverage of the sex lives of celebrity’s has led many American’s to believe they are entitled to such information and the notion of discretion in such matters now seems old-fashioned.

    On the other hand, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction to take us into a war that has cost thousands of American lives and perhaps a half million or more Iraqi lives.

    I thought Bush’s decisiveness in dealing with the Taliban who offered refuge to Al Quida laudable and I initially supported his toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime, but I became disillusioned when I learned how his administration had manipulated the American public to take us into war, was spying on us (feeling that it shouldn’t be subject to any judicial review, even if it was a rubber-stamp FISA court), and was tortuing prisoners, which it euphemistically termed “harsh interrogation” or “enhanced interrogation.”

    I remember how outraged I was decades ago when I read Jeremiah Session’s “When Hell Was In Session” ( see http://www.amazon.com/When-Hell-Session-Jeremiah-Denton/dp/0966059727/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1243013655&sr=8-1 ) about how he was tortured by the Vietnamese. He was an American soldier captured and tortured by the Vietnamese, who later became an American senator (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremiah_Denton ). He was a Republican senator; it sickens me to now hear Republican political leaders endorsing the use of torture, with Lindsey Graham (R-SC) going so far as to say “I mean, one of the reasons these techniques have survived for about 500 years is apparently they work.”

    Yes, they do work. Under torture people will eventually say whatever the torturer wants. That’s why so many confessed to having sex with the Devil during the Inquisition, even though they knew they would be burned alive once they said it. The fact that they all said essentially the same thing was proof for the inquisitors, but it was because most eventually figured out what the inquisitors wanted to hear or they died.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Clinton was neither impeached for cheating on his wife nor lying under oath. He was impeached for being a democrat. Anyone who wants to disagree should do so while under oath and connected to a polygraph.

  11. […] Jesse Ventura : “This country will impeach a President for cheating on his wife, but we won’t impeach a President for lying to us and taking us to war where thousands are killed. Something is wrong with that” […]

  12. Anonymous says:

    He forgot to mention genocide in his list of crimes against humanity.

    ps. Did anyone see the clip of at the washington press club where was making jokes about the WMD. That is just wrong…

  13. Jeff says:

    @JAmes MAson: Didn’t you used to be a janitor? Should have stuck with it, your web site and business is ass. Happy failing.

  14. Austonian says:

    If you people don’t realize that what Jesse Ventura is saying is the truth, god help us all.

  15. Yo Ho says:

    Dear Mr. Janos… President Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and other legalities involving Congress. Cheating on your wife isn’t a crime any more than pretending to be wrestling. And President Bush did not, nor can President Obama can’t “take” the country to war without Congress providing at least tacit approval, funding and political cover.

    It helps if you know what the hell you’re talking about. Go get a college degree or something, would ya? Then pontificate. Not that it matters.

  16. Ok…So who here thinks that President Bush never lied under oath? (by a show of hands)

  17. but, but says:

    It was an inside job! I mean… dey dook der jobs!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Steve wrote:
    “I think Jesse is one of the wisest persons in government. This guy cares about his country and it’s citizens.”

    Atta boy, Steve.

  19. Mike J says:

    Specifically Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, so hash it however you want, he was impeached because of a technicality on something just about ANY guy would have done. It was nothing more then a witch hunt. What Clinton did in no way affected the safety and security of the country and was not worthy of wasting time and money on an impeachment hearing.

    What Bush Jr. did was more than impeachment worthy, but sadly there is a different set of standards used to measure Republicans and democrats in this country.

    • Craig says:

      Just about ANY guy would have done? I think not. Tells me what Mike J would do, though.

  20. Doodle says:

    Jesse is the man.. it hurts to hear the truth that this man speaks

  21. Anonymous says:

    “Hopefully Jesse won’t live to see the day where he has no choice but to wash his feet and pray to Allah five times a day or be put to death.” What the hell are you talking about? This man is a patriot.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im sorry. Are we talking about Obama or Bush here?

  23. Steven says:

    Jesse speak the truth.

  24. LEE says:

    Maybe you should consider impeaching Obama for taking you toward more government control of your health and life. No one smelled anything fishy when Bush threatened the public to go along with the bailout, that word was THREATENED. Or maybe Obama should be impeached for how he is using the Census to create districts that do not exist so some of his Klan can make BIG bucks, kind of like the latest bankers money well. Or maybe Obama should be impeached for how he is using the Census to knock people off the federal employment elgibility lists, mainly “whites”. Or maybe Obama should be impeached for a corrupt election, and your government tells you that corruption is so bad in Afghanistan? Clean up the corruption in America first, before America feels compelled to clean up other countries and sacrifice more lives in the name of war. McCain said it best when he told Bush the people are starting to catch on.

  25. Homer Otto Goodall, Jr says:

    We need to speak out instead of being a bunch of sheeple blindly following whatever idiot that was put into power. If you think we are living in a democracy then you are a sheeple. The electoral college elects the president and not the people.

  26. Jay says:

    right on Jesse, you hit the nail right on the head…people do need to start waking up before its to late…

  27. Ruggy says:

    Good comments by Jesse, he gives his country “tough love.” I probably agree with about 50% of what he said. However I am concerned that this interview will become anti-US propaganda.

  28. Mark D. says:

    I don’t give much credence to political opinions from someone who looks like the Crypt Keeper

  29. John says:

    Americans are dumb and emasculted. That’s a bad combination of traits. America has lots its mojo. It’s over.

  30. Mark says:

    It’s nice to see someone like Jesse to stand up and speak the truth about things like this. Many americans are brainwashed, arrogant and naive about their government and believe what their told. If everyone did their own research and didn’t believe the government and general media like cnn, they might actually wake up.

    Jesse should team up with Rand Paul for 2012 and get this country back on its feet.

  31. […] Ventura This is awesome http://www.prosebeforehos.com/video-…jesse-ventura/ Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « As if I didn't […]

  32. Matt says:

    Every politician lies. Clinton was excellent at it. Bush was bad at it, but did it. Obama is very good at it. He should have just waited longer into his term to do so.

    Jesse actually called him self out in his term. He campaigned on no new taxes pledge. He held a press conference well into the budget session saying essentially I lied. I can not do no new taxes with the hand that I am dealt. Therefore I am coming to the table to tell everyone just that and proposing a small tax hike.

    Everyone lies…..I just wish politicians would come clean when they do so.

  33. K B says:

    Politicians are supposed to do what they feel, regardless of the next election??? Um, HELLO?? That is the exact problem nowadays! Politicians aren’t supposed to do what THEY want to do, they are supposed to do what their CONSTITUENTS want them to do. They aren’t supposed to go by their ever changing “feelings” of wanting to do this or that, this day or that day. They are supposed to do what they promised their constituents they would do when those same constituents elected them to office.

    If I elected a democrat to office to stop the war, I DON’T WANT THEM TO GO WITH THEIR FEELINGS A YEAR LATER AND NOT STOP THE WAR!

    • Guntch says:

      No, they are supposed to do the right thing. If they did only what their constituents wanted, there would be a LOT of people in the minority getting shafted.

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hey guys forget arguing with each other, and put the country first. Except Dave, most of the comments I have read don’t argue the point Jesse makes. Your arguing over Democrat verses Republican. Don’t get tied down with parties! Come together for our country. We have criminals in both parties. They have been shipping our jobs over seas for decades. They have been refusing to enforce our immigration laws also. I use to be a Republican. I’m not anymore! The last thing those crooks want, is for the American people to come together and hold them responsible for their crimes!

  35. Lili says:

    Jesse I don’t usually care for-but on this-he is absolutely right. Wrap your hate and malice around you until you are eating dirt and sitting in your survivalist sheds until you realize buster bunkers will create a nifty tomb for ya.

    The wheel turns. Welcome to the new rulers: Russia and China-with Middle Eastern and Latin American chasers.

    Obama’s hands are tied. He is done. He knows that unless he wants to go the route of JFK and Bobby he had better play ball.

    As citizens you chose to hate each and side with those you thought would protect you. Now you know no one will protect you.

    Game over campers. It’s going to be a long, hard winter.

    Oh and America’s founding fathers ran from the country they could not fix so they brought murder, religious intolerance, racism, sexism, and theft in order to create a “new world” (Oh wait not like the New World Order right?).

    Live by the sword and die by it.

    Just quit crying and blaming everyone else because you sat when you should have risked your lives. Now when you die your kids and grandkids will suffer due to your weakness.

    Feel proud? Make sure to toss extra burgers on the BBQ on the 4th; Unless your teenager gets drafted and shipped away for whatever war comes next.

  36. Matt Craner says:

    Jesse Ventura is pure blood midwestern common sense.

    Dave is an idiot fucktard.

  37. michel says:

    lol international laws…

    im dutch and yes we have the international court of law…

    till we learned that…america actualy took on a law that if we ever convict(say bush) for warcrimes…they can invade the country…

    its just a joke..its there to convict country’s the US/UN agree’s to

    down with the NWO

  38. Muhammad says:

    Peace. Jesse is clearly a genuine US patriot who is totally fed up with the fact that the US has been hijacked by criminals who are using the countries name and resources simply to benefit themselves. As for washing his feet 5 times a-day, hopefully he’ll be washing them at least once a-day because as I understand it wrestling is a very smelly profession. As for praying to Allaah, anyone who prays to God the Almighty is praying to Allaah already anyway, they just aren’t recognising His name, as recorded in all the ancient Christian, Israelite and Abrahamic texts. I hope that Allaah gives more power to Jesse and people who follow his way of seeing the world today. This will give peace a chance.


    i was a minnesotan who lived in the state while Jesse was governator. I think overall, he didn’t do a bad job, certainly not as popular as Rudy Perpich for sure, but I had a serious bone to pick with his trots to Californicate-ya each weekend to do cameo appearances in soap opera’s for personal gain, as well as WWF fun, while the state had to pay for his security detail to go with him.

    had he left the security detail and the state airplane behind and gone on his own, that would have been perfectly fine, not expecting him to not have his own private life on weekends is not fair. but what he did was profit off those cameo’s and those WWF fun fests, and never reimbursed the state for the cost of security or the use of their airplane during those trips.

    so, I have to surmise that his tenure was totally ‘anti-thetical’ to the platform he ran on, which was that he wouldn’t condone or commit corrupt acts while governor. while taking the security detail and the airplane is not a huge rip off, it’s still a breach of trust, and he did it and got away with it.

    the “do as I say, not as I do” thing is all too prevalent in career politicians, and Jesse himself went down the road of
    perhaps being a bit too cynical and jaded to think we wouldn’t call him on this breach of our trust.

    I do however like his speaking out about CIA involvement in state operations. as well as his 9/11 truth telling!! 🙂

  40. Ioannis says:

    He is right on. Can’t say anymore than that

  41. beijingyank says:

    Dead link. The video is not getting through the Chinese firewall.

  42. The worst thing you can do in America is tell the truth.

  43. That’s the best line, impeach clinton for a bj, and bush lies and leads to war n death and no one gives a damn.

  44. S Foster says:

    Jessi for pres this guy is great

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