This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry

The Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty, also known as the Democratic candidates scratching each others eyes out to appear more religious for that hot evangelical/liberal cross-section of the population (and what cross-section is that, by the way? Probably entirely made up of people who masturbate to Emerson books). Fuck, isn’t this the 21st century? I’m tired of the requirement for national politicians to believe in superheroes from outer space just to appease the illiterate electorate. I expect my leaders to act like leaders, instead of paupers begging for handouts from the Catholic Church:

There are 3 other videos of this shit on YouTube, I couldn’t bear linking to them anymore. Anyway, my point is that everytime a duplicitous Democrat talks about how much GOD means to them, I feel like diarrhea is being splattered all over my mouth. Because really, do you think Hillary fucking Clinton believes in God? Bull shit, she’s too smart for that and so is Bill Clinton. And I’m sure she’s figured out that if there is a joke on anyone via God, it’s on her for marrying a man willing to stick his shlong in the nearest wet hole available. I’d estimate Hillary believes in God as much as she believes in the Latino electorate. And what the fuck ever happened to separation of church and state? People in Turkey believe in secularism more now than Americans do.


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