Fox News Calls For Assassination Of Julian Assange

It looks like everyone at Fox News agree: you can’t just imprison a foreign national for unknown crimes, but you can assassinate them! I’m glad we all believe so strongly in freedom of speech.


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  1. dinoso says:

    Why killing the messenger of bad news? The better question is to ask why the blame isnt put on the government to protect classified information? Why is an army privat capable of gaining so much classified information?
    Assange didnt steal anything because the information is still there. There is no US or other law he has broken.
    The truth is Wikileaks shows the truth of a US-foreign policy which is deeply fraud and needs to be changed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuck @die julian assange

  3. Jonathan Rogers says:

    I will no longer watch FOX news…they are evil and should be put in prison for the rest of their lives without the possibility of parole in Gitmo. They are advocating the murder of a human being without due process. I would call these Fox guys guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and if the US did such a thing then the US should be condemned by the entire world and isolated. How DARE we call ourselves the leaders of the free world and then allow news people advocating murder. FOX should be at the top of Homeland Security’s Terror Watch List. They are enemies of the State.

  4. gearboy says:

    bob beckel is a liberal too! lots of people want this guy dead, but fox news never said that, a liberal contributor did. i guess good old bob wont be getting hired at NPR right? i mean left! i think he should be tried myself, as a spy, then executed along with the homosexual army boy who released the docs because he was upset about dont ask, dont tell. is this why some dont want gays in the military?

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  9. Ewie says:

    And the United States is the enemy of the free world, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of free speech and the enemy of it’s own people! I can’t wait for the release of the next round of leaked documents to reveal the crooked ways of the neo-liberal right wing war machine. Full support for Julian Assange and Free Bradley Manning!

  10. Lorraine Moore says:


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