Gawker Blows Up PBH’s Game

From Gawker:

“I pour beers and bar-back at a little place [in Carrol Gardens]. Great place. We get a good crowd on Sundays for NFL football… So anytime someone would squeeze up near the taps to order a drink, if they were of the female persuasion, he’d strike up a convo. “So… are you a Green Bay fan?” type stuff. Within a line or two, he’d mention that he wrote for Gawker, and the girl would get interested, ask a few questions about “that life” (I’m very serious, one girl asked, “What’s that life like?”), and then eventually they’d take their beer and walk away.”

Fact 1: Kit and Alec were in Carrol Gardens drinking beer and watching football 2 Sundays ago.

Fact 2: We often pretend we work for big time blogs to get into girls pants.

Fact 3: We both live in Bed Stuy.

Fact 4: Kit looks like this, but with a beard:

Conclusion: Make your own, but someone got laid that night by pretending to work for Jezebel.


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