Does Lebron James Hate Queers?

Via Pandagon, the oddly grown up version of Lebron-bron, Bishop Harry Jackson, is rallying the forces of darkness (and by darkness, I mean literal armies of black Jesus-slaves) to rise up against the hate crime legislation that includes gay-bashing. Because, in his words, why do gays hate religious freedom:

Gay activists around the country are getting nervous that they are about to experience an embarrassing political setback. Instead of amending the hate crimes legislation that protects churches in a substantive way, they are simply crying out in a louder, more threatening manner. Gay advocates are not looking for fairness; they are looking for an upper hand.

…Both gays and blacks should get justice in America, but we cannot allow either group to receive special privileges at the expense of another group of Americans. If the loopholes in this legislation are not closed, Christians and Bible-teaching churches could become victims of a strange brand of reverse discrimination. These actions are tantamount to the gay community saying, “Freedom for me, but bondage for you.” This attitude is just not consistent with America’s ideals.

Watch out, black community! The overpowering hand of homosexuality is bearing down upon you again! Rise against the oppressor, so numerous Ludacris albums may rain down upon us!



The Political Rat Race

the israeli aipac rat race



Identify the Jerk Off Scenes

After seeing Little Children, I decided that my favorite scene (one of two wonderful MALE MASTURBATION moments), including quote, needed to be on Check out my thoughtful contribution 2 weeks ago:

Update summary

Little Children (2006)
Quotes – Add
{Haley, Jackie [email protected] James McGorvey}: You aren’t going to tell anyone, or I’ll get you.
{Haley, Jackie [email protected] James McGorvey}: ::furiously jerking off::

And yet the quote page remains free of the wonder of the beat off.


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