New Calendar

I am officially moving away from the Jeudo-Christian calendar to the French Revolution calendar.

This is because the French chopped off the heads of clergy and nobles, and also because I am an elitist liberal prick.

Today is 12 Vendémiaire CCXIV.



Vin Diesel is better than YOU!!


Vin Diesel likes his coffee like he likes his women – Colombian and crushed into powder.

and other fun facts about the greatest threat to humanity since the bush administration

Vin Diesel



life is and always will be unfair

so i’ve been goaded into putting pen to paper for this humble site by the admins and i’ve been thinking about a chance encounter that recently occured in my apartment

so my roommate meets some girl on myspace. i live in new york- apparently it’s easy to meet other “like-minded” individuals on these social networking sites. not that i’d partake in these… heavily.

he claims he brought this lass to a local watering hole one evening last week and proceeded to enjoy a few bevvies with her. things went well, she asked “so what’s next?” and he popped her the proverbial HBI

as this happened in my impossibly intimate apartment, it was three feet away from me in his partitioned-off section of the living room- but i was blissfully passed out…

now today we’re doing our usual thing and i inquire as to the status of said lass. he says, well, she called over the weekend but i wasn’t that interested- we’re not that compatible. i was surprised- compatible? didn’t he bring her out to drinks and then quickly back to our place for a passionate night of which i was no part?

yes he replied, but she didn’t have any skills he was interested in. you know, computer hacking skills, dj skills, ninja skills

i mean, whats the point of having a relationship (or even just meaningless myspace internet sex) with a person like that?



a word from NASA

A text message received from our federal/intergalatic friend during Friday’s workday:

“Eating cookies and calling it work
Eating cookies and calling it work
Eating cookies and hinging my limbs”



a fun weekend; synopsis

night 1

consumed too much; went to clarendon

old friends are old burdens

woke up in a daze covered by a thin blanket; drove home

1 hour of traffic on saturday morning; melted away an afternoon

phone tag, complicated plans; walked a few miles

night 2

ate delicious mexican; increased alcohol consumption

became belligerent; yelled screamed and stomped

helped kim up; helped kim down

yelled at passer-by’s; some alec offers: 5 dollar condomless orgy, guy-only spin the bottle

fell asleep filthy and drunk; woke up the same way

ate a delicious bagel; wonder what ive done to myself


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