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Where Are The Bible-Based Protests Of Divorce?

Gay Marriage Divorce Protests

Oh that’s right. They’re not all believers. They’re just bigots.



The War Room — Photoshopped

Obama War Room 1

Obama War Room 3

Obama War Room 2

Only one Obama? Why not thirteen Obamas? If more politicians actually Reddited, though, the world would be a better place.



Are You Smarter Than A 1912 8th Grader?

This early 20th-century doozie was given to 8th graders in the Bluegrass State to test their scientific literacy…and to make its 21st century discoverers/takers feel incredibly stupid. Fear not, though; for every geography question you Nagasaki’d, there’s an expert refuting the real value of tests like this. Case in point: researchers Will Grant and Merryn McKinnon say “We pretend that factoids are a useful proxy for scientific literacy, and in turn that scientific literacy is a useful proxy for good citizenship. But there’s simply no evidence this is true.”

With that said, though, if you still can’t get behind basic concepts like alternative energy sources and global warming, you’re on your own.



30 Touching Photos Of LGBT Activists Responding To DOMA’s Overturning

Not everyone responded like Michele Bachmann to the news that in a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court had overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); in fact, most people were absolutely elated. Throughout the country, LGBT activists shed tears of joy as the love many of them share at a state level must now finally be recognized at a federal one. It wasn’t a sweeping ruling in the slightest, but it’s definitely progress. 30 of the most poignant ones are below, only to be followed by a characteristically brazen quip by Nancy Pelosi regarding Bachmann’s thoughts (oxy moronic?) on the court’s ruling.

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30 Astonishing Photos Of The Mass Protests In Turkey

What could have been a peaceful sit-in to preserve the trees of a public park in Istanbul quickly escalated and took the entire country of Turkey by storm following a violent police crack down on May 31. Since then, Turkey has been embroiled in frantic protests, distressing amounts of police brutality and vociferously vocalized fears that Prime Minister Erdogan–holding that position for ten years now–poses a threat to Turkey’s greatly-treasured secularism and democracy, two things relatively uncommon within the region. There’s been some staggering photojournalism–by professionals and civilians alike–in the month that followed. In case you’ve missed it, here’s some of the best.

Turkey Protests 20

Turkey Protests 27

Turkey Protests 17

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