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Judy is a punk

Jackie is a punk
Judy is a runt



Happy Thanksgiving

Remember folks, Jesus is the reason for the season.




Here’s an interesting article critiquing Intelligent Design (it’s definately not creationism!). Anyways, it provides some evidence that is more easily explained by evolution than intelligent design. I mean, it could be that the designer was a moron, but that sort of invalidates the intelligent part of ID.

I’ve just got an idea, I will create a new theory called the Natural Algorithmic Design theory, or NAD for short. Basically instead of an intelligent designer, we can use an algorithm common in computer science that searches for a solution in a given space by the evaluating the fitness of a possible solution.

The solutions in this case could be the organisms and the space could be their environment, the Earth. The possible solutions are generated by combining random aspects of multiple previous candidates, and by pruning solutions that have low fitness scores. The idea behind this is that over time the parts of the solution that cause high fitness scores will be preserved, while harmful parts will be tossed.

One interesting outcome of the algorithm is that with a complex enough solution space, there may be many radically different solutions that emerge and they all can receive high fitness scores. The more complex the solution space, the more complex the solutions that emerge. This seems like it might make sense, as the Earth is very complex and the creatures on it are very complex. In fact, because of the interactive nature of the solution space, as the solutions become more complex, the space itself becomes more complex. Crazy!

Hmm, well then what will be the operator that will execute this algorithm? Genes found on DNA (and possibly RNA) are thought to control the development of organism. Perhaps that’s the most likely candidate. Until proven otherwise, I will assume that these are indeed the operators. And so I will call my final theory the Genetic Operator, Natural Algorithm Design theory, or the GONAD theory.

PS. The algorithm described is called a genetic algorithm, a subset of evolutionary algorithms




I was half in love by the time she sat down and her smiled sealed the deal.
I remember sunlight.
The birds were flying over head when she said good bye, turned her head, good bye.
I remember the rain.

How’s about we blow this joint, head to the point
get drunk and naked, wake up sleepyhead
I’m so in lovefool, it’s a wonder I don’t drool
when you walk in the room, your smile hints of doom
beautiful fantasies, foreshadowed miseries

Her name was Anne, Annie can you speak to me?
I believe in you, I believe in we
smiled, lit up like a pinball wizard
no more no more, fantasies pile up like corpses from the battles lost
my mind can’t beat my heart can’t beat my brain
i call him Willie the one eyed wizard

don’t be a fool, stay cool
nervously laughing, you’re a charming bastard
lost in my own narcissistic self-pity
frowning beyond the edge of reason
Bridget stares back, oh Annie!

Up and down the halls of my mind
so are we going to, you know, date?
snuggle with me, I lost my teddy bear
when I was 10 to a cheap whore called mosaic

your kisses validate me and my existence
did you know you had that effect?
I might otherwise fade away
fade into the background noise

Jesus was a martyr

I wish we were better.

can we stop feeling bad? I’m stuck on this painful moment, the rest swirls around like a snow globe
and I’m all shook up for you my sweet haired, red hearted girl. or does your blood beat blue now?

lost my cool lost it twice
fool fool dared dares describe!
a love letter lost, the poem I wrote destroyed
time is a fucking bitch

I want to be old and bitter
to yell at your kids when they stumbled past my yard
I’ll beat them in my sweet dreams
in nightmares I’m their father

hitler haiku doll
she smiled and I saw the fires
(of) homicidal heartache

I’m a ghost you see right through me
but did you see the smile I laughed in anger
I just find it all so funny laughing laughing
I can’t stop thinking of the knife I slipped on

but you sat down and I was in love
you said your name like it was a sin
my dream I had fallen in
one day we kiss and kill a star

supernova burned out bright



TV rots your brain

Sadly I am destined to be overweight and perform patheticly in school. If only we had known! Life is a cruel joke


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