Why ChildFund Doesn’t Deserve Your Money

Why ChildFund Doesn't Deserve Your Money

Childfund’s ‘Small’ Handling Fee

Childfund Scam Review

So, if ChildFund takes a fundamentalist Christian stance, but doesn’t have an evangelizing agenda, what do they support? Many donors have also noticed inconsistencies between ChildFund’s goals and their collection methods. Previously, ChildFund had charged donors a small handling fee if they wanted to give a cash gift to their sponsored child. However, ChildFund’s new policy is to assess a fee of 20% on every gift donation—regardless of size.

ChildFund claims these fees are to ensure that the money is safely and efficiently delivered, but a 20% fee seems excessive. If a donor sends a gift of $1,000, that’s $200 that goes right into ChildFund’s pocket. That’s considerably larger than a $2.50 handling fee.

The multiple name changes, religious flip-flopping and hefty fees depict ChildFund as a confused, mismanaged organization. This is corroborated by its financial information. As its excess income has increased decently for the last several years, its actual capacity has been decreasing. What is anyone supposed to make of that?

Although ChildFund has a good-natured vision, it simply isn’t a clear one. The organization has previously held high ratings with charity watchdog groups, and it might again. However, ChildFund must refine its ideologies and practices to prove to donors what it’s actually committed to.


This is the third of the 3-part series, Choose Another Charity. The first two segments were Why The Salvation Army Doesn’t Deserve Your Money and the second was Choose Another Charity Part 2: MADD.


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  1. mark goldsmith says:

    Charging via a percentage is rediculous. It makes you wonder how much it would be to just send the money directly to the child disregarding the charity completely, but I have a feeling a tax write off for donating is more important to alot of contributors.

  2. TheReviewer says:

    I find it hard to trust the intentions of most charities

  3. Excellent and thought-provoking piece

  4. Xeen Meen says:

    Wow, I think anything that helps kids is good!


  5. timmie89 says:

    Your links are broken. Both “according to gen con officials” and “As its (sic) excess income…” both redirect to the same article, namely http://www.prosebeforehos.com/word-of-the-day/03/14/worlds-worst-“bill-o’reilly-has-left-the-human-race”/, which appears to have no relation to either statement.

  6. I use to help a child in Africa who send me a letter and xmas cards asking more money to help .
    I stop to give and when I opened my companhie I had give some % for The Brazilian Rain forest
    hope the money got there since I had use the Copaiba on my soaps from the Rain Forest
    http://naturalhandcraftedsoap.com Still help but diretly to the place

  7. all of these orgs are evil and deluded

  8. Lol this is just one of those articles that make you shamed of America. Nothing wrong with being patriotic but some people make it hard.

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    • TMaster says:

      Marketing huh? Just another way of saying scam artist and liar… Kinda like saying lawyer or judge hmmm.

  9. john says:

    if they really can define and refine its ideology and its mision and vision i do believe they are on the right path. But at this rate it will be a long journey. Good luck to you ChildFund

  10. LAkawaka says:

    I love when children make conclusions based on ignroance. Such as “20% SEEMS excessive”

    It only seems that way to you because you know nothing about how much it costs to run a charity like that.

    • Alex says:

      It may be expensive to run a charity but thats why your paying around a dollar per day. Charging 20% on a gift to a child who your already paying $365 a year for is ridiculous…

      It shouldn’t even cost $10 dollars to send the money which means any gift over 50 dollars means there making money with the 20% fee. This is why all charities should have to be non profit because otherwise greed takes over and they overcharge the public.

      • Alex says:

        There are better ways to raise money for your charity then scamming those who were nice enough to donate to it.

        Also, you really shouldn’t insult someone you dont know just because they dont know something because it looks bad on you, especially when he’s right.

        • Cori says:

          You guys really should just shut-up and stop acting like children. Don’t act like your better then other people ok? Its rude, and it’s not true. Changing and growing is a part of life. Maybe instead of hating each other you should try to see eye to eye

    • TMaster says:

      the only true cost is those who want to put a dollar sign on every thing… btw so all those that are reading know… those who donate are no better then those who steal it in the end… Live in your luxury life while the rest of the world suffers but clear your soul with the whole “I gave up money” yeah that will buy your way into heaven because thats what god is all about right? your ugly corrupt devil of a god

  11. Red says:

    What’s funny is that I got an Ad by Google for ChildFund directly below this article

  12. […] Why ChildFund Doesn’t Deserve Your Money [Prose Before Hos] […]

  13. Bill Rogers says:

    How does your own program to support children in need work?

    ChildFund is an honorable organization that does much, much good around the world. Our family sponsors two children and supports ChildFund in other ways. We have total respect for what they do, and how they do it. This comes from many years of donations and reviewing its loving work.

    You can keep writing fiction and I will keep donating!

  14. Steve Kelly says:

    I am a proud donor to Childfund. I sponsor 2 children and have been a supporter for 6 years. They are one of the most fiscally responsible charities doing this type of work and have been for the last 72 years.
    The name was changed to discourage discrimination. Because of Christian in the name, they were not allowed to cross certain borders and some potential donors thought that it was an evangelical organization.
    CFI was founded by a Christian minister but has not made evangelization part of it’s mission in over 40 years. However, it continues to do God’s work by caring for the less fortunate, and saving children’s lives everyday.
    I proudly support Childfund, and will continue to do so for years to come.
    What do you do to help others?

    • Dnuf Dlihc Sknahton says:

      Ya let them fool u a bit longer unless you are one of their hired spokesmen, in which case you are already a huge failiur at life and need to seriously reconsider your moral compass. These fools exploit the emotions of average people for personal gain hardly anything goes to these poor kids who are forced to cry on camera only to help these filthy creatures continue to feed off of the sorrow of these children and the sympathetic schmucks who fall for their bull!!

    • not a fool says:

      all you guys who donate and those of you who petition that CFI is a great and good “charity” are in serious need of getting the stupid beat out of you. you are a deluded lot and after youre no longer amongst the living, I hope you look down (or up, whatever) and see exactly where all that hard earned cash really went to. truth is it all goes to the suits; CEOs and the like. if these children and their families and communities really benefitted from your donations, do you really think the scam that is CFI would still be collecting and begging you morons for more much needed funding 63 years later? no, they wouldn’t IF they actually cared they would provide water wells and decent food and education for those people. they would provide better housing and toilets. they would provide training. but theirs is a lucrative business. a hard and fast rule of society is this — the more you have, the more you want. that’s never gonna change. and lastly, think about this, why, WHY do they only get fed rice and gruel? answer, this BUSINESS wants to maintain a full wallet. cos if they don’t, how will they ever provide for their great great great great great great GREAT grandbabies? it would be a terrible shame if any of their heirs missed a meal, wouldnt it? I weep for your intelligence…gone way of the dodo. that’s all im gonna say about it.

    • Pkon99 says:


  15. Steven Saliba says:

    When Jesus Christ said love your enemy, He also meant preach the Gospel to them. You can give people food, water, housing etc. But if they don’t believe in the only begotten Son of God, they are damned to eternity in hell. That is what the Bible says. I would advise anyone considering to give money to Child Fund to support an organization that not only helps children through means of food, water and shelter, but most importantly it preaches the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    • Mike says:

      So we should only help the hungry children who aren’t eternally damned to hell?

      • Stacie Levis says:

        God expects you to care for all people…and just because the organization doesn’t preach the gospel does not mean you can’t be the light of Christ to a family that you support.

      • goodsamaritan says:

        know days to find some one help the hungry person or child you can not get,even to ask water no one care,am giveing water in dry areas food,toiletbuilding,but l have seen people.

    • Dave says:

      That is just so ignorant. When you serve other you are serving god. Just because you don’t preach doesn’t mean you can not be an example of Christ and what he taught. Actions speak much louder than words. While I am not saying this company is or isn’t good in how they are running I am saying that you can serve people and teach them about Christ without ever saying a word.

    • Kevin says:

      OK so this is an old post, but I just have to comment. Steven, your post is just sickening. Who wants to worship a god who would let dead children burn in hell for eternity because some arrogant zealot didn’t bribe them at their weakest moment to believe in a god that would let dead children burn in hell for eternity because some arrogant zealot… “Yeah sure, I’ll wear the cross, now hand over the rice. Heck, keep the clean water and sewage rolling and I’ll tell everyone YOU’RE Jesus!”

      I also like how you’ve informed us of what Jesus said, but what he really meant instead. I bet he’ll give you a big high five up in heaven for misconstruing his message! Pretty typical, just like your leaders have done constantly, beginning with when Constantine and the Council of Nicea rewrote your book of Jewish parables to make it more suitable for the pagan Roman population and through the generations you.

      • Steven Saliba says:

        Kevin, you are wrong. First of all, the Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian church. Roman Catholicism is a perversion of the Christianity in the Bible. Roman Catholicism has killed millions of innocent Christians down the centuries. No where in the Bible does God call Christians to kill people who refuse to believe the Christian faith.

        All I said was, that it is better to give to a charity that not only gives food and clean water, but also spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God will NOT put young innocent children in hell. God will put people who have not been saved from their sins into hell though.

        Your post is sickening Kevin. Because unless you repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you will spend eternity in hell. Watch this video and get saved from your sins. It is a free gift from God; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUVKUHNY5Mg

        • TMaster says:

          Your right Christian are not Catholics, Catholics are the ones who murdered Jesus in the first place no matter what your baby version of the biblical accounts say. I would never say dont help like those who are being battered on here but what I will say is donating to greedy organizations is not helping anyone!!!
          good for the senseless and the greedy, BTW fix home first.

        • Jeff says:

          Shut up you bible thumping idiot. There is no god.

    • Spread love not guilt says:

      God is forgiving and wouldn’t damn people to hell because of a different believe system. It is 2013. God loves all his children even if they don’t walk around praising JC 24/7 walking around full of guilt. He is forgiving, understanding and loving. Guilting everyone is the worst sin of all in my eyes.

      • Steven Saliba says:

        God will not put innocent children into hell. There is no biblical proof of that. God will put a sinner that has not been saved by Jesus Christ into hell. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

        “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9.

        In front of God, everyone is a sinner. Here is how to get saved from your sins;

    • TMaster says:

      thank you for pointing out how little you understand about Jesus. you make me sick

  16. Judy Dearborn says:

    I am just shaking mad in another respect. I made a donation directly to a child that I chose when the child I formerly sponsored ‘aged out.’ I went out to the site for ChildFund and chose the gift amount. Rightfully it said that 20% would stay with corporate and the other amount would go DIRECTLY to the child. Lo and behold I get a letter from Cambodia that said it went to ‘ChildFund’s developmental work’ in Cambodia. When I called ChildFund they said that even though their website says this that they sent this discrepancy in the packette I received with the little girl’s picture. How do I get this resolved? This is terrible!!! I am a disabled widow. I would have NEVER given $100 to a Cambodia recreation center!

    • Stacie Levis says:

      Judy, there are a couple of countries that you are not able to send gifts directly to the child… I think Cambodia may be one of them. For cultural reasons, it must benefit the entire community, which does benefit the child…though I understand your frustration. Did you try speaking to someone about it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Stacie Levis
        My boss and owner of the company I work for is from Cambodia. When my children and I looked at this company as a possible charity donation for them to begin with he said not to do it. He said that he has heard from many of his family over there who are promised funds from this charity and they have never delivered. Yes you can donate or send money to an individual in that country because my family does it privately to help a young individual go to college. You need to see about where exactly your money is going and see if you can find viable proof of this “recreation center.”

  17. Stacie Levis says:

    My husband and I support 13 amazing children through Childfund, and I can’t say enough about the organization. We are devoted Christians, and careful with where we spend God’s money. We believe that Childfund is responsible and accountable. We met Anne Goddard, president of Childfund, in person a couple of months ago, at which time she explained the name change and it’s purpose. The author of this article is obviously uninformed on this matter, and has spoken without research or experience it seems. Childfund saves lives through sponsors. We have families all over the world who call us family, and who we save up money for to help build up their futures. What’s 20 percent of the cost of a dairy cow, so that my child in Africa (who is suffering from malaria AND sickle cell ) can have milk? 20 percent is nothing!!! Childfund is an incredible organization. We sponsor children and love it. It certainly doesn’t sound like the author speaks from any first-hand knowledge.

    • Ken H. says:

      Unless you’re sending special gifts to every one of those 13 children you aren’t supporting any of them you’re supporting a center which they may or may not attend. My wife and I have supported 9 children and have sent every one of them gifts all year in spite of the ridiculous 20% fee hike. We’ve had to start dropping them one by one because you can’t ethically send a minimum donation and claim to support a particular child. Funny they were able to run very efficiently all those years without it. They didn’t take Christ out of their name, he left and was replaced by 20% fees and bogus contests to make sure people who put a lot of money in their pockets are rewarded. I’ve been watching the latest contest. The curious numbers made me really take a hard look into cf. That’s how I found this site. We need to get out of cf and send our money to the folks in Joppa USA who are living in sweltering tents right now.

    • Mandy says:

      I find it funny how you are sending money to a child in Africa and all that is wrong with them is Malaria and Sickle Cell. Really? How about famine, little or no clean drinking water, AIDS, raping, warfare, and basic necessities like antibiotics. Do you really think that the 80% of your donation can’t cover some of that instead of just one cow? How about volunteering to go over there and do some work in person instead of paying someone else to do your “Christian Duty.” That is what your donations basically pay for, for someone else to do what you won’t and the job they are doing is not working and you just keep on donating to an organization who is building pointless building in discrete locations that probably are not being used because they children have to struggle to survive and have to go to work as soon as they are able. You need to educate yourself to what goes on in the real world before you support things you know nothing about.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is sad that you are so judgemental of a perfect stranger. Very sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so stupid n ignorant. At.least people want to help which is more for u just talking and judging

        • Jessie says:

          what makes you think this shit is real Gods money???? really??? im fucking Jewish and even im not stupid enough to send my money over the tv because I have no idea where it goes I doubt it even reaches them or these heart felt commercials would stop if its repeating itself and nothing has changed you may want to question where your money is going???? lets think about that

      • Luci Bloom says:

        Do you volunteer over there, or do you send money every month as well? Just wondering.

    • CP says:

      I think It’s great what you are doing!

  18. L Fletcher says:

    If one were to look at the Compassion International website one would notice the incredible resemblance between the Childfund logo and Compassion International’s. It would concern me that Childfund doesn’t have the integrity to create their own unique logo or, at worse, are trying to confuse potential sponsors through use of similar graphics. Maybe a minute point but a doubt creator al the same

  19. anon says:

    Child Fund, regardless of religion… is a wonderful organization… 100% of the money raised benefits the children in one way or another. 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to the child in need, and the other 20 cents goes to their overall food, education, and health in one way or another.. My family sponsors 4 children from Child Fund, and we have been sponsors since the 80s. ChildFund is a wonderful organization that does EXACTLY what they say they do. It is one of the few charities that actually does. I am a highly religious person, and nothing CF has done has offended me or my religion… In fact, the best thing they did was change their name… Now more people are inclined to sponsor a child because religion is not pounding down on them, making them feel obligated….

    Your efforts to persuade are weak, and your research was poorly done. Before bashing one of the best charities in the world, how about you do your research…

    P.S… The commercials, you speak of…. it looks like they’ve done the job… getting your to notice and pay attention.. And even look up the names of the actors! If you don’t like the commercials, talk to the producers…. but leave the organization out of it.

    You know nothing about this organization… and it’s obvious.

    • TMaster says:

      I would never give a cent to these corporate scum bags, They are thieves and are using a cheep trick to do it… Simple fact is if THEY wanted to really help THEY would have, have things gotten better? No of course not and it never will as long as you continue to donate to these lies… Must be nice to retire as a spokes person with millions of dollars. any one who actually things they are helping anyone prove it… Go to their country and see that they only show you a poor side of things to make you feel guilty… Your god is not one of ignorance that is the devils game if you believe in that stuff.

  20. michael mooridge says:

    Im sorry but just because a charity changes its name is not to say its a bad charity. I think more and more people these days are reluctant to join charities with religious affiliations (even if only in name) because they’re scared of religious agenda’s. I know i wouldnt donate to christians childrens fund because i would think they only help christians. This article is a joke. Why would you slander an orgaisation trying to do some good in this world.

    • michael mooridge says:

      Actualy i would request the website remove this article as it may be damaging to the welfare of children being helped by CF.

      Did you think of that as you were writing this awful stuff.

  21. A.John Nevis says:

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  22. Anonymous says:

    this issue is somehow ridicolous… the first priority should be the child nothing else!

  23. hazmat danger says:

    Why not give to the people of America?
    God I hate soft people.

  24. hazmat danger says:

    30 years of feeding and giving to the poor?
    How about teaching them to stop having kids, and how to support themselves? Would it not be cheaper to just shoot them all?
    Screw all the poor countries, we do not need to help stupid people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Screw you!

    • rgm says:

      you are such a sad person to say such crazy things. please don’t worry about where we give our money, thanks for the concern however. maybe you might spend some time thinking about where all your hate comes from, and then start your journey to becoming a man. may the almighty God have mercy on your dark soul.

      • kgy says:

        So if you don’t support these poor countries you have a dark heart and God needs to give you mercy? How about you seeing that the money sent is used to find water wells. how about seeing that they plant seeds to furnish food. How about teaching self sufficiency. No food /water and you just sit there. No matter how long it takes or the sacrifice wouldn’t you slowly move to a spot where you might be able to care for your self. I’ve heard theses many stories for 50+ years. Show me some improvements. BTW. I knew a family from many years ago that had 2 children they cared for. The letters tended to be the same.

        • disqus_KqNSQc3hQe says:

          Dear kgy, your points are very valid and tremendously valueable ! They are also also very RESPECTFUL, positive, and constructive. I do believe, especially in the last decade, that orgs are moving more and more toward what you suggest : creating an environment – physical landscapes- where self sufficiency can be taught and implemented. In other words they are helping to create dignity and thereby adding meaning to these lives.

          I don’t know what God does or does not do, nor do I think not helping these people means one has a dark heart. I’m sure @rgm’s reference to a dark heart was directed at the person who suggested it would be cheaper to shoot all of these people, and then said “Screw all the poor countries, we do not need to help stupid people”. With or without God, if that is not a dark heart – then I don’t know what is! Dark is a mild term for such a heart, purely evil is what it is. You on the other hand reflect a wonderful heart. The situation frustrates you, which means it moves you – and you suggest even better solutions than merely giving food.

        • TMaster says:

          If I believed even for a moment they were doing anything sizable to help I would be right there helping… Simple fact is that it has taken them way too long to just make things worse and worse.

          • Rocky says:

            If the used the money to build clean water systems, schools, medical facilities and showed us the children they’ve brought to the USA to be educated I’d be impressed but they don’t. It’s the same old refrain over and over with no accountability and nothing to show where our money goes.
            Ask them for specifics and follow up and they point you to their IRS Form 990 which is chock full of “administrative costs” and subcontracted out “services” to companies made up of the head of the organization’s relatives and cronies!

            There is no evidence these children ever get out of their dire circumstances, get adopted, get educated or ever grow up to lead productive meaningful lives. Just the same old broken record of appealing to the masses to “do good” and help the “less fortunate.”
            We have plenty of “less fortunate” right here! What about Appalachia? What about the inner cities? What about homeless vets? What about seniors? What about victims of domestic abuse of women and children? Lot’s of opportunities to make a difference but of course if the “work” is being done in a foreign country non of us well meaning Americans are likely to ever be able to verify what’s going on.]
            The same things are happening in television “ministry” and inside the mega church phenomenon. Joyce Meyer, Rod Parsely and all the copy cat clones do the same things. They play on the good hearts of the nation, collect ungodly amounts of money yet make no differences in the communities or states where they reside.
            This organization exists for the sole purpose of convincing the public to take pity on children who are likely left in the same sorry state in which they’re depicted in the glossy and very expensive TV ads we see. Not one dime of our money will they get and that goes double for the TV and mega church con artists. Better to personally donate to the Salvation Army or St. Jude’s or your local homeless shelter where you can see the benefit of your gifts.

      • Ryan Johannensen says:

        You are such an ignorant person. Poor countries are like children who are left in the shadows, no resources to EAT and develop. Its easy for you, being born in a country where you can go to a mcdonalds and get a burger for a dollar, while people literally starve to death everyday. People arent born with the skills and often not with the resources to survive, in america we have systems set up so people can do so, many countries dont. These places dont have schools to learn, or food to eat. Even with these tools its clear you havent learned anything, luckily there are enough people willing to help those truly in need.

        • Ralph Mouth says:

          we are trillions in debt so lets hand out the money that we have all barrowed, sounds good to me!

      • oluk says:

        Its a dark soul. It’s putting two and two together. Its logic. If all those organizations had done what they advertise since the beginning why are so many starving children. And why have millions died of starvation. Think.

    • Luci Bloom says:

      How bout the Pope allowing them to use condoms. How about they be allowed to be educated to have safe sex and understand why they keep having kids. They’re not stupid, their uneducated and no one has ever told them how babies are made…so how can they know? All they know is that they keep having babies. The situation is stupid, but if the pope allowed them to be educated about sex in the first place they wouldn’t be in this mess.
      Oh, and there are plenty of stupid people in the first world too…and there isn’t much excuse for that. We HAVE clean food and relatively clean water here…which nourishes our brains. Your comment is the epitome of stupid, but i’m sure you don’t think of yourself as being stupid.

      • kgy says:

        So this is a Catholic problem? How about those governments take care of their own people. Their governments want them uneducated so as to take what they can from them. The church does not run the country.. How about you going to one of these places and educate them give them a couple thousand $ to get them started …Talk is cheap and blame is easy…..

      • Eelo Fudpucker says:

        How about mass sterilization?

    • Dan TheMan says:

      If we are going to stop helping stu[id people, then you are screwed. Cuz from what I can tell, you are a moron.

    • djflkds says:

      education not to have kids without financial means to support them, everything else was a bit extreme

    • mannyalbite says:

      I know I am two years late answering your your real ugly comment and maybe is this website but I also noticed 16 ugly hearted people agree with you and only 3 disagree with you, maybe the world is becoming really ugly or this might be a haters website, I came here looking for a review in childfund.org and I find this, all i could say is WOW ! and hope you people can find peace and change your ways

    • oluk says:

      30 years and still so many poor, uneducated people. Isn’t there something wrong there.

    • Bob Dylan says:

      why the fuck does this asshole have 27 likes, I swear seeing stuff like this kills me. It makes me believe I am the only or few sane people left on this earth.

    • Jim Britt says:

      put birth control in all the food sent

  25. Keith says:

    Has anyone donating to this organization been to actually see the child or children they are sponsoring? I would gladly give if I knew my money was actually helping a child. Practically all the organization I’ve looked at in the past take most of what’s given in administrative cost. I’ve also spent a lot of time living in Honduras and watching the government get their take too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I have friends who have traveled to see their children. My husband will be traveling in April to see our children in Uganda. Please watch ChildFund’s Facebook page at about that time for updates posted by ChildFund about his trip. We are anxious to see the amazing work that we believe ChildFund is doing! Take care!

    • Tom says:

      I am director of a ministry that send 100% of all sponsorship to Tanzania. Nothing is taken for expenses. Check out kids4school.org

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at http://www.gfa.org/sponsorachild/. 100% of the money goes to the child, and they learn of Jesus Christ.

  26. paul says:

    i know for a fact that the child fund is an off shoot of catholic charities..they mostly operate in catholic countries…brazil is a big reciever of “help” and so is the philipines…i have seen these commercials for over 30 years and the message never changes…you can get a picture of a child that you are helping and they will send you letters,,,of course when you compare the pictures and letters with other people’s,,you find out that there is a letter mill going on… they are highly disreputable…and if the poor are that poor it sure doesn’t stop them from having more catholics so they can get on t.v. and ask for money for the starving children… i was raised catholic and know a little about it,,,,but now i am an agnostic athiest[quite a title huh!!]

    • Anonymous says:

      I sponsor 13 children, my mom sponsors 2, my sister sponsors 1, my aunt sponsors 2… We compare stories and letters all the time, and they are anything but similar. The people and experiences are real, and so are the relationships that we have with them. As for the remarks about ChildFund working mainly in Catholic nations, please take a look at the listed 31 countries that they work with. Some are bound to be Catholic, but majority? Absolutely not. We support Christian families, Catholic families, and Muslim families. I think sometimes it is easier to be critical than it is to do our part in making a difference. It is important to have factual information, though, when trying to make a judgement call on something.

    • luci bloom says:

      The catholic church won’t let them use condoms, or teach them about sex education…and none of them are educated…plus, they need more kids to help them gather water and food and work in fields. I don’t think any of us truly know what goes on over there, so it’s wiser to think about what ignorant words might be falling out of your mouth, or your computer before saying them.

    • kgy says:

      You do not know for a fact and you are wrong.

  27. Anonymous says:

    We can’t even take care of the children in our own country much less children in other countries (I.e. drug addiction, cancer, low income families, etc.) so it’s ridiculous that individuals donate to people that feed off of other people’s weakness.

    • Anonymous says:

      ChildFund actually does work in the United States, helping children and families in our own country. I hope you check it out.

      • anon says:

        Actually just called them and they said they did NOT deal with children in America. Straight from the horses mouth.

        • ChildFund Fan says:

          Nope, not true. I have many friends who sponsor children through ChildFund in the U.S. Check again. Oklahoma, Louisiana, … Several tribal areas of Native American families, etc.

        • shadowbear12399 says:

          No you didn’t liar, their webpage clearly shows they work in the USA as well.

  28. john syam says:

    praise the lord sir

    i am johnsyam from indian andhra pradesh

    so many orphans children. HIV children.beggar children.and poor people are in our andhra pradesh.
    they have been suffering from their poverty.they don t have shelter and food and clothes.so please
    pray to god for them.i feel very sad.on seeing them (about them ).if we make them in correct way
    one house will be need.$15000 dollars have been spent per month on purpose of room rent and power rent.on praying for god and we are asking.one doctor is need for them.we (15 nomburs) pastors are going to every village and announcing gospell.

    please your personal message reply


  29. TheBeastBoy says:

    I think child poverty is bad

  30. Vicky says:


    In praise of Jesus Christ.

    I know that this organization helping needy children. I pray for your team.
    I commend what you do. I’ve been working on the establishment of the Church in Thailand to the announcement of Jesus. We want to help many.

    Please guide me for the organization to support and fund the announcement of Jesus.

    Please reply my message.
    Ephesians 1:2

    Email : [email protected]

  31. John Morgan says:

    in the bible it says to love the person but hate their ways. now how can any religious organization complain when a charity’s first and only function is to help under privileged children? this just goes to prove to prove 2 things. 1st is no matter what you do somebody will not like it. 2nd is no good deed goes unpunished.

  32. John Morgan says:

    also i do not believe that it should make any difference one way or another if they are church affiliated. it’s what they are trying to accomplish is what really counts here.

  33. Bill Griffin says:

    why do they spend so much money on commercials instead of feeding children with it?

    • luci bloom says:

      Uh…to get the word out, so they can get more people donating. Do you seriously not know what advertising is about, or how much it costs to advertise?

    • goodsamaritan says:

      yaa that was agood question people spend much money in other things,but to help others they dont care

  34. An American VETERAN says:

    I think that these groups are another organized way of taking peoples money……..If you guys want to help children….donate to toys for tots or give to a local orphanage…….There is an old saying that might interest you all “if you can physically see where your money is going…….DONT GIVE IT AWAY” all you are doing is making other people rich/ wealthy and I guarantee its not any of the kids that you believe to be helping. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • An American VETERAN says:

      sorry meant CANT*

    • KGY says:

      I’ve listened to this for 50 years. The children are still sitting in the middle of a path with sewage running down it. They still have flies in their eyes and belly’s pro tubing. They still live in huts with no electricity and mats on the ground to sleep on. Where are the improvements? Those that have been helped are doing what? Are they back in huts again ….Sorry It’s too many years of the same unchanging story.

      • Elaine Williams says:

        You are so right AAV and KGY. We have been throwing money at these countries for well over 50 years – not one thing has changed. Why isn’t there an organization teach these people how to stop breeding like ferrel cats for starters. Take the money they use for those commercials and provide vasectomies or long term birth control. Good grief!

        • ForsythiaTheMariner says:

          Good old colonialism and imperialism, Elaine! Yes, let’s tie up the tubes of all those filthy “poor” people (*shudder*). They don’t deserve to breed! Only rich, white faced people like you deserve to choose how many kids you have. Why burden the world with another poor kid from somewhere in Asia or South America or Africa, mandatory vasectomies for all!

          • Frank Burns says:

            Yes, by all means, how dare anybody suggest that having numerous children when you can’t even feed yourself is a bad thing? You’re a disgrace. Or do you enjoy actively promoting MORE starving children in the world? It’s one or the other–you’re either too stupid to realize that that’s exactly what your attitude does, or you consciously want more suffering children in the world.

            • ForsythiaTheMariner says:

              Well, that’s a lapse in logic. Saying that “the poor” have a right to not be mandatorily sterilized? Do you agree with this? It sounds to me like you’re defending eugenics, which is what the original poster seemed to be alluding to.

            • Frank Burns says:

              It sounds to me like you are (not surprisingly) utterly incapable of defending your blatantly pro-starving-children position.

            • ForsythiaTheMariner says:

              You’re changing the subject. Please see the original post, by Elaine Williams, which compares the “breeding” of poor people to “ferrel cats”. If you can’t see that this is dehumanizing and derogatory, then nothing else can be said.

          • Jerryohooligan says:

            Your obviously black or you wouldn’t be talking so ignorant. Im positive for every one child helped ten more are shit out even though they know they can’t take care of them. Deny that!

            • Maddie Kingston says:

              I find it profoundly ironic that your post, which accuses someone else of ignorance, contains so many errors in grammar and punctuation. Your own ignorance is most exposed, however, by your blatant racism. One can only hope that someday you will become more enlightened.

          • Tired of stupid people says:

            ForsythiaTheMariner it’s amazing how stupid you are. You think that they should be allowed to keep popping out babies for everyone else to support. I guess it’s all right with you that those “Charitable” organizations don’t bother with our kids starving here in America they just expect us to support all the other countries. Wake up stupid it’s not our problem. You make all sorts of names for what you want but just how much do you contribute to the charity that charges 20% off the top of all donations?

          • Stevenwolfeh says:

            @ForsythiaTheMariner ^^^^^^^
            Also, forcing someone to sterilize themselves is a big no-no… why? They aren’t animals, so why treat them like such?
            If they couldn’t feed themselves they certainly would know that having a child wouldn’t help the situation in the least, In my thoughts, if a child is born in a starving family it’s probably by accident. :/

        • Frank Burns says:

          It’s not true that nothing has changed; the number of starving people has gone up–as a direct result of the “help” that flows in constantly from around the world.

      • WMS says:

        Consider the Children born in Central Africa, almost 80 percent are born with aids. Been told that babies don’t cry in Central Africa because they were born with so much pain. So now we’re down to 20 percent but we’ll loose about half of them do to starvation….Wow… down to 10 percent. Most of them will get into a bucket and float over to the US and just happen to touch ground under water before our INS agents can get their hands on them. So figure that the only ones left alive in their 3rd world country are barely making it? that maybe 5 percent. What percentage of people in the US are poor and starving? Bet it’s more than 5 percent! Keep the Money Here!

      • bethy says:

        wow said perfectly agree!

    • oluk says:

      Exactly wake up. Two or three children with tears on their eyes and an academy award performance does not give you the real story.

    • bbnnmm says:

      So the child I support is a fake, sending me fake pictures and fake letters and fake little gifts and fake school reports for over 8 yrs. C’mon man!!. And the BBB charity checkers are FRAUDS too. WOW!!!
      One thing pal, they can’t EAT, DRINK, WARE, or MEDICATE with toys. Geesh!!1

  35. An American Veteran says:

    Why would you guys delete my comment? Because what I say is true…..well the truth hurts don’t it? I know the truth about how these organizations works as to have been in a 3rd world country. Owell feed into it, its your money.

  36. Rick Ross says:

    I wanna see Alan sader donating his check every commercial.

  37. Rick ross says:

    My Alan sader comment was removed. Boohoohoo still not sending no mulah way to many children in my own country to worry about. Not some terrorist children.

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  39. Luci bloom says:

    I’m sure they don’t pocket the 25% and even if they do…they are working damn hard, and need to pay the rent as well…plus, with administration costs and all the other costs, you can’t expect them to do it for nothing. And if 25% out of 100% is pocketed, how much then goes to the kids…do the math.

    I’d rather they pocket 25% and the rest go to a child that has no other hope, than not do anything about it.

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  53. Bud says:

    My buddy did this and sponsored a child for 2 years. He was a pilot for a top clothes designer, who went on safari in Africa. So my buddy decided to bring gifts and go unannounced to the village where their sponsored child was . When he arrived, no one in this village knew this little girl at all ,she didn’t exist! He was so angry and the organization wouldn’t speak to him. This is a true story! We, who live here in the U.S. need to remember that we have many needy folks right here and your generous donations would be better given to local organizations that you know are using the money for what it’s intended.

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  58. Sun says:

    It is hard for us to trust anyone these days. We want to help and know that our help, compassion is truly reaching those we reachout too. Yes it is true we have people here in the USA that need our help but the fact that children here in the USA are also part of this program. So we can reach not just other countries yet our own country also, it is our choice. I just want to say as uncomfortable as we are with these programs, the fact is a couple of years ago I went to Brasil to see a friend of mine. One day during my visit my friends housekeeper asked if I knew this program that helps children in other countries and if I was part of it. I explained Yes I did and Yes contact is kept with a few of the children. The housekeeper said I want to Thank People like you who do this because my children were part of the program and she began to explain about the children and how they are grown up now and how it changed their lives for the better. I was so happy that she said this because of my own doubts of if they really get any money and help needed. I told her how grateful I was that she told this because it is very hard in our country to know the truth of who we are helping and we begin to not trust and worry where the money goes. I told her I am so happy that this money helped her family and her children to grow and I am grateful for her kind words.
    It makes a difference in my life to know I can reach out with my heart and touch anothers soul and share this gift of life and love in giving.

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  66. markandreclementsisadouchebag says:

    What a total asshole you are clements. the group raises a quarter of a billion dollars annually and you criticize them cause they are not jesus freaks. what an asshole you are. I would like to smash your face in.
    the group is feeding children and helping make the world a better place and then there are worthless assholes like you who

  67. markandreclementsisadouchebag says:

    a quarter of a billion dollars is raised to serve starving children and all thisfucking asshole mark clements can do is complain that they group is not jesus freaks. In the entire history of the world has there been a bigger ASSHOLE than Mark Clements?

  68. […] This is the concluding post of the PBH series Choose Another Charity, comprised of 3 articles on the Salvation Army, MADD, and ChildFund. […]

  69. John says:

    As long as people are ignorant like animals, and breed, and have children like animals
    ; there will be human children dying like animals. Feeding the children is not the answer. Providing education and birth control to people so they only produce wanted children that they themselves are able to provide for is the answer. All the stupid do gooders have done is contribute to the problem.

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  73. joe p says:

    We have children that are hungry in this country. Cure our problems before chasing after others.

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